Saturday Night

That one night. Yeah. A Saturday night. That's it. When a boy and girl met. Yeah. On a show. A ordinary show. Like Friday download I guess...but they went out of show business long ago as this show came and fort and went with victory. This show was called...Saturday Night.


13. Awkward

Fiona's p.o.v


'Harry what are you doing? And you'll never be in my innocent books.' I said as he came closer to my side.


'Having fun and I'm bare tying you I will be.' He said smiling, showing his teeth and cute dimples. I poked them as he giggled, his eyes on me.


'You like my dimples?'


'I love them.' I said, poking them again.


'Hey...' He gently picked up my hand from his cheek and kissed it. I blushed like a beet root. He saw me blush and let out a light chuckle. He let good my hand and I placed it behind his left shoulder. He put both his hands on my waist as I leaned back, making him towering over me; passionately kissing me as I enjoyed the moment.


Harrys p.o.v


Oh this was the moment I've been waiting for so long. I've fallen for her. Everything. And I don't care if she's not perfect. She is to me. I love her so much. As things were getting toasty, I took off my top and threw it onto the floor as she stared at my tattoos along my chest and arm.


'Wow...I've never seen these before...' She said tracing her finger down each one.


' doesn't let me show them so I always wear blazers or long tops.'


'Awh, shame. I love your muscles.' She said squeezing them. I smiled in return and kissed her.


'Mm.' She was lightly scratching my back.


'Guys...common. Let's go.' I knew that voice. It was Phil. I sprung up and he threw me my top. I felt so bad for Fiona. She must be so bloody embarrassed now!


'Sorry Phil. We were just...' What the fuck could I say?


'Didn't you see your ear piece flash?' I think he already knew the answer. 'Thought so. Anyway you guys better hurry! We're on live in 10!' He closed to door, leaving me and Fiona bursting into laughter.


'Did you see his face?' I said bursting.


'Yeah! He was like...awkward shit! Ahaha!' She got up from the bed and got my top from me.


'Do I have to wear my top?' I said kissing her neck. I knew she loved it.


'Yes Haz!'  She said smiling putting my top on me as she felt his six pack. I smiled. 'Sorry, couldn't resist...' I kissed her passionately before she broke apart.


'Haz, we need to go...' She said close to me.


'They can wait...' I smiled as placed one of her strained hairs back behind her ear. 'Common then...let's go...' We intertwined our hands together and walked down the corridors into the studio. But when we got into the studio, we imminently shook our hands apart with the sign of faces looking at us in frustration. Shit.



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