Claim to Fame

It seems the girls have made it. Beverley, Diana and Katy have achieved their dreams. They are the famous girl band that is Judgment!!

When the girls meet the famous One Directions, some hearts are taken, then some are Brocken.

How do they cope with the fame?

Do the couples stay together?

Or will everything fall appart?

Cover made by one of my best friends Katy. Thank you 1000


1. Chapter 1

Beverley's POV

"Beverley!? Get up!" Diana shouted in my ear.

"Ugh. Is it time already?" I moaned into the pillow, she probably didn't hear me because it muffled my voice.

"Yes. It is time. Now get ready!" I guess he could hear me. That girls hearing is like superman or summing. She left our hotel room and shut the door. Diana and I shared the double bed while Katy slept on the hotel sofa.

I pushed myself out of bed and looked on m phone at the time.

7:30. Really? Why does it have to be so early? Damn you.

I went into the bathroom and got in the shower, washing my long blonde hair and pale skin.

I got out and wrapped a towel around my torso and one on my head, keeping the hair off my back. I went over to my suitcase to pick my outfit.

My CRAZY MOFO'S shirt with denim high waisted shorts. No, I'm not copying Niall bloody Horan, I had this outfit before he even went for Xfactor so don't call me a copy cat biatch.

Anyway, I took my hair out the towel and brushed it; I put a little bit of make up over my greeny-blue eyes and slipped my white TOMS on my feet. I threw my grey SWAG snapback onto my head and put my white iPhone 4 into my pocket.

I really want a green iPhone 5c but I can't afford things like that...but I somehow can afford to stay in a five star hotel in California that is just down the road from my apartment. It makes sense in my head.

I grabbed my turquoise jacket before taking my suitcase put to the sitting room.

"Bevie! Morning!" Katy ran at me and practically pounced to hug me.

"Yeah. Morning alright." I muttered. She stood back to I could get a proper look at her.

She was wearing her white 1D crop top with black shorts and black suspenders. Her dark brown hair was put into a cute neat bun and she had small black dolly slippers on he feet. She is so cute I want to make her a bunny.

Katy slipped on a cream coloured blazer that had the arms folded up her arm, just below the elbow, before grabbing her suitcase.

"We ready to go?" Diana asked from the doorway.

She was wearing a white tight crop top with a black glossy skater skirt, she had a leather jacket over we shoulders and black heeled boots on. Her black hair was in loose curls hanging down her back.

Sexy ass bitch.

"What? No! I haven't eaten anything!" I panicked at her question. I cannot go a day without breakfast; most important meal of the day.

"We don't have time now. Let's go." Diana charged out the hotel room, Katy and I followed. They went out to the car park whilst I signed us out the hotel and returned the key.

I went out with by bag and looked around for Diana. Just then a black Range Rover stopped in front of me, the window rolled down to revile the driver.

"Gettin in babe?" Diana asked. I just shrugged, shoved my bag in the boot and jumped in the back of the car.

"Girl band here we come!" Katy jumped.

I Gould probably tell you loverly lot what's happening, yeah?

Diana, Katy, Charlotte, Danni and I all went to a school in England together and we were all best friends. Diana, Katy and I were a singing group that represented the school in shows and stuff, Danni was our Pianist, and Charlotte our maneger/mental sociologist. So she helped us get through crap. Diana also wrote our songs, Katy did makeup and I did the dancing and stuff.

When we finished school Danni and Charlotte got an apartment together, they are not lesbian by the way, Katy got a job as an actress in New York and me and Diana became dancers in California.

That was about two years ago.

A year ago Diana got a call, she was offered a job as a model and she took it. Only thing was she had to move to Florida. So I became lonely. This is the first time I have seen these girls in years.

Last week Diana gave me her weekly call and told me she wanted us to enter a singing competition. She said that her and Katy would be down within the next week.

She came. We won.

Turns out the winners get to talk to Simon Cowel. He might make us famous!!!?

How cool would that be?! OH MY GOSH. I might get to meet Perrie Edwards. She is my idol. I LOVE HER.

Yeah, I'm obsessed with Little Mix, Katy with One Direction and Diana with R5.

"Oh my gosh we're here!" Katy sang. We turned up at a HUGE hotel. It looked like a 10 star or something ridiculous.

"A hotel? Why are we here?" I asked.

"This is the address they gave me. Let's go ask front desk." Diana parked the car and jumped out. Katy and I followed, as always. We went to the front doors and were stopped by...a bouncer.

"Excuse me. Do you have a reference number?" He asked.


"2205." Diana said. I guess we do.

The man stood aside and let us in. I followed Diana as she seemed to know where she was going.

We went strait to the front desk. The receptionist was sitting back and reading a book. 50 Shades of Grey. Typical.

"Excuse me." Diana said politely. The receptionist ignored her.

"Hello? I'm here to see Mr Cowel." Diana tried again.

"Just a moment Miss." The woman said, Lexy. It had her name on a tag.

I shoved past Diana and slammed my fists down on the counter. She looked at me now.

"Now look here, I am your costumer; I am your number one priority. Not a bloody porn book." I said.

Katy giggled at my outburst. I know Diana's pissed at me.

"Yes. Just a moment Miss." Lexy went back to reading.

I am going to blow.

"Oi. You fucking cu..." I started before the man from the door grabbed my arms.

"I am going to have to ask you to leave Miss." He said.


"What? No! We have an appointment." I yelled.

"Let the lady go Charles." A woman said from behind Diana. 'Charles' leg go of me and I ripped free.

"It's Charlie." He mumbled as he went back to the door.

"Number 2205? Follow me please." The lady said before leading us to a glass lift and pressing a button.

"I am Bobbie-Mai, but you can call me Bobbie. I will be your attendant for your stay here at the CL Hotel." She said.

"What does the CL stand for?" Diana asked.


"Celebrity Hotel? Do you have celebrities here?" Katy asked.

"This is a celebrity hotel only. So yes." Bobbie explained.

"OH MY GOD. Have you ever had One Direction?" Katy yelped.

"Yes." Bobbie said.

"Who is here at the moment?" I asked.

"Taylor Laughtner and Kristin Stewart..." Omg.

"...The Wanted..." Boo.

Katy shot me a look. We both hate the Wanted.

"And obviously Mr Cowel." Bobbie finished.

What a shame 1D isn't here, poor Katy.

The lift stopped on the top floor and the doors opened. I hadn't noticed how long we've been in here. We followed Bobbie down the open hallway, passing the occasional door. We stopped at one door that had carvings of flowers all over it. I wander who did that?

"Are the flowers meant to be there?" I asked.

"No. A certain guest has a habit of destroying things here." Bobbie awnsered.

"Sounds like Niall." Katy said to me. Her and her damned One Direction obsession. It was obviously Jessy from LM. She needs to learn these things.

"Okay. Mr Cowel will see you now." Bobbie said rolling her eyes at Katy's statement.

Diana stood directly in front of the door and me and Katy stood side by side behind her. We like it that way, don't ask why.

Bobbie opened the door and went it.

"Me Cowel, the girls are here." She said. I couldn't see him because Bobbie was in the way.

"Well, get out the way then so I can see the new stars." He laughed. That was Simon Cowel, I'm pretty sure the others are more exited then I am. I don't get that exuded easily. Because I'm weird.

Bobbie moved from the door and sat on a stool in the corner. There's a sofa here, why didn't she sit there?

"Please. Sit girls." Simon motioned to the sofa I was staring at. I must have looked pretty weird staring at a sofa. Oh well, life is life.

Life is life na na na na na.

Anyhow back to reality.

We sat in the sofa across from Simin whom was siting on an arm chair next to a big TV.

"Welcome girls. Now, can I get names?" He asked.

"Hello Mr Cowel. I'm Diana, this is Katy, and Beverley." Diana introduced us.

"Diana Katy Beverley, please call me Simon." He smiled.

"Can we call you uncle Si?" Katy asked.

"" He replied.

"We're gonna call him that aren't we?" I whispered to Katy. She winked at me saying yes.

"So girls, I presume you know why your here. I have a propersition for you." He said.

"Okay." I prompted him.

"I want to give you a chance at fame." He smiled. We all burst into rounds of squeals and giggling.

"Yes okay. I have to ask, do you have a name thought?" He asked as we calmed.

"Judgement." Diana said. We had that when we were in school and we all loved it.

"Judgement...yes, I love it! Well all I need is your signatures." He said.

I wanted to scream and jump out the window to see if this is all real, but I don't want to land on a squirrels beaver tail.

Diana began signing the paper Simon gave her, me and Katy did the same.

"Thank you. Now, the plan is you will stay here tonight then get flown off to England tomorrow..." Simon started.

"What? England?" Diana asked with a shocked expression.

"Yes, is that a problem?" Simon asked.

"We just drop out bags and go?" She asked.

"What were you expecting Diana? That we keep out old lives?" I asked.

"I don't know. I guess I didn't think about it." If she is having second thoughts I am going to kill her.

"Is this a problem?" Simon asked.

"No. Um...I don't know. Can we think about it?" Diana asked.

"Well your staying here for the night so yes. I want an awnser by the morning, latest." Simon said.

"Okay, thank you again. You won't regret this I promise." Diana thanked. Bobbie then got up from her stool and opened the door for us.

"Yes. Night girls. Think about it. Remember; your dreams are in your reach." He said as we went out the door.

"See ya uncle Si." I yelled as the door closed. Me and Katy giggled at it.

"Right, I think that went well. Should I show you to your room?" Bobbie asked.

"Yes please." Katy said.

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