Lone Wolf

Anna was an normal girl but as she thought but then when someone beaks into her house and finds her mom half dead and half alive her mom tells her that she is so much more than a normal 16 year old.


2. The New Guy

When we arrived at school, i went strairt to my locker. i place my stuff in my locker and get my books at i need high school is so easy i thought maybe because im smart? i close my locker shut and walk to class on my way to class i bumped into a guy. 

"oh sorry"

"no its alright, wait are you.....Anna Johnson"

"you goy my first name right but my second name is Speranza"

"Ok so your name is Anna Speranza"


"Wait your last name means hope?"

"it is hope but just in another languge"

"oh well, im Andrew"

"well Andrew do you happen to have a last name"

"Andrew Anderson"

"ok well Andrew Anderson I gotta get to class"

"well can I walk you"

"um.......sure, but if your gonna ask me for my number the answer is gonna be no"

" don't worry I don't date people I don't know"
" ok"

Then he follows me to class and I could hear the whispers of people, but then a guy came up to us and said " Andrew way to go, you got you one". I smile and look t him and say " I'm sorry to get up in your conversation but WE are not dating". Then I turn and walk away. What the Hell is wrong with these people. I think that these people got issues.


When I walked into the class there was no empty seats except for a seatnext to a bad boy type dude. I think Ima be a badass this year. Hey I could try, and you know Ima just go with the flow. when I sat down the class began. Then there was a thought inside my head that said: SEND HIM A NOTE. Then I just pushed the tought way. Then he pocked my side and said " read it". I took the note and opened it.

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