Lone Wolf

Anna was an normal girl but as she thought but then when someone beaks into her house and finds her mom half dead and half alive her mom tells her that she is so much more than a normal 16 year old.


1. The Beginning

It all started when I woke up on a Monday morning, I got dressed and ready for school. I walked down the stairs to see my mom and dad cooking breakfast for me and my little brother. I see my brother at the table ready to eat pancakes. I walk up to him and mess his hair up. He laughs like he means it. I love the mornings because I get to have breakfast with my mom,dad and brother. My brother Ethan and I have been best friends more than we are siblings.

"Hey Anna after school could you take me on an adventure?"

"yeah sure where would you like to go on our adventure?"


"what? what do you have in mind Ethan?"

"can we go to the pond where we used to swim?"

Mom looked at Ethan and then at me , she opened her mouth and I knew anger when I see it on my mom "Ethan you can never speak of going there ever again do I make myself clear"

He shook his head yes and said "yes mom"

Then my phone rang and Ethan's bus honked it's horn. I answer my phone and say "hello?"

"hey, I'm outside are you coming?"My best friend Aurora said.

"yeah who else is in the car with you"

" just Cassie and Marce and Clare"

"are you sure we can all fit?"

"yeah just come on"


I hung up the phone and kissed my parents good-bye. I walked out the door and there we my friends in the car waiting for me. It was the beginning of a new school year. And plus me and my friends are going to a new school so this may or may not be a good day.

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