Little Steps

Aria Lubianco has been through the worst. Found freezing and sobbing on her doorstep by none other than Liam Payne, she is the definition of a strong but broken girl. As she warms up to the boys, feelings arise for one in particular. However, it is almost impossible for Aria to keep herself together when a mystery person begins sending her threatening messages.

As new people enter the story, suspects are chosen and bonds grow, all due in time.

What will little steps get Aria?

Originally by and all credit goes to lalaladooo:


23. Drunken Mistake

My cheeks warming up from the compliment, and the fact that he was so close to me.

"You're not too bad yourself, Horan." I giggled quietly, He smiled. We shared an intense stare unti lit got uncomfortable and I turned away.

Soon enough, Niall's hand was on my back, leading me into the night club. I stepped into an environment, a new one that I had never been in before.

"Whatever happens, if you need me, just call." Niall whispered, his lips brushing my ear. I fought backa shiver and nodded.

The boys wandered off to enjoy some guy time, while Eleanor started talking with some pretty girls. I stood in the middle of the club, feeling new, alone, and a bit terrified by the people who were getting closer to being drunk every second.

Hadn't you ever felt that feeling, when theres a million people in a room, and then theres you?

Thats how I felt right now.

Niall’s P.O.V.

It seemed that I had completely lost track of Aria. Taking yet another swig of beer, I set my glass down and looked around with a slight blur in my eyes, quickly blinking it away.

Look for the hot blonde, Niall.

Screw it. I would never find her here.

Still, I didn’t give up, searching across the room, looking for a certain blonde. Then, I spotted her. Her position did not please me at all, although she seemed to be smiling and laughing along with the ten men crowded around her. Just then, another man came and finished the circle around her, cutting my view of her completely.

I had the feeling that it was my responsibility to go over there and get those men away from Aria before anything happened, but at the same time, I wanted her to have a good time. I didn’t want to but in when she didn’t need me.

“Hey, you alright?” a gentle voice whispered, along with a tap on my shoulder. I turned around quickly, my vision blurring up once again. Once it cleared, I found myself staring at a pretty blonde lady, wearing an incredibly tight dress and pounds of makeup.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I answered, backing away from her.

“Oh, come on.” The girl purred, inching towards me. “Let’s have some fun.”


I couldn’t even protest, because her lips crashed onto mine with no warning. The strangers arms wrapped tightly around my neck, pulling me into her. I don’t known whether it was the fact that I was drunk, or if it was just me getting caught up in the moment, but I was soon kissing this girl back.

Aria’s P.O.V.

I knew I was being flirty. My legs were kicked up on the table, surrounded by a bunch of guys that I didn’t even know. I knew they were all staring at me with lust, and nothing more. I knew what I was doing could lead to trouble.

But for goodness sake.

I was drunk.

My head spun as I let out a slutty giggle, twirling my hair with my fingers.

One man came up to me with a drink, a margarita I suppose.

“Thanks , babe.” I heard myself slur and a grabbed the drink, pouring it into my mouth. The alcohol from the drink gave me new excitement, but it was soon crushed by the next thing that I laid my eyes on.

The blonde boy who I was pretty sure I liked, stood at the end of the bar, kissing a girl who was propped up on the counter. They were full on making out, and the sight knocked the breath out of me. I waited for Niall to pull away to shout at her, and leave before she could continue, but he didn’t. He just kept on kissing her. I suddenly felt the effect of having too much alcohol, Pushing past the group of guys surrounding me, I drunkenly found my way out of the club and stood out by the large porch entrance. I tried to catch my breath. The sight, it hurt. What I just saw made me want to die.

This is why I had always refused to come to clubs. Something bad always happened.

Leaning back against the wall, I let tears slip down my face. One by one.

“Ari?” a familiar, soothing voice yelled from somewhere close. “Aria?”


“Liam?” I sobbed loudly, “I’m here.”

I watched as a slim silhouette turned the corner, and those warm brown eyes met mine.

“Aria, what happened?” Liam asked, running towards me and taking me into his arms. I melted against him, putting my weight into his shoulder.

“It’s okay, babe. It’s all okay.” He whispered, rubbing my back soothingly. He picked me up and let me wrap my legs around his torso, pulling my body back into his. He began humming a tune that I was sure wasn’t a song, but a happy tune. I felt his lips kiss my hair, and then my forehead, before I opened my eyes, staring into his.

“What’s wrong?” he asked gently, setting me down on the ground.

“N-Niall…” I coughed out, the hot tears sliding down my face. Liam pulled me into him again, tucking my hair behind my ear.

“Tell me.”

“I…I…I saw him…he was…he was kissing….he was kissing another girl! And he wouldn’t stop. And she wouldn’t either. And he looked so happy, and I’m just so selfish because I know I’ll never get him even though he always seems to give me these stupid mixed signals, but I have no clue what he is trying to say. AND THEN HE GOES AND FUCKING KISSES ANOTHER GIRL? Do you know how much that messes with my mind?!” I practically yelled. Liam didn’t even wince. He just listened.

“I’m tired of this, Liam,” I went on. “I’m tired of believing for even one second that I am what every guy wants. I’m tired of telling myself to smile when I only get hurt more. I guess I’ve just got to face it, right? That I’m not pretty. That I’m not beautiful. That I will never be the girl Niall ,or any other person wants. I guess so.” I rambled. Liam pressed his finger to my lips, silencing me.

“Aria. You are beautiful. You are kind, funny, intelligent and sweet. You are interesting, and you listen when others want you to. You’re biggest fault is your kindness, and how you care for everyone but yourself. You are so much more beautiful than what you give yourself credit for. You deserve someone great, and you can wait. Smart people wait for the right ones to come along, and then take them in. That’s what you’ve got to do. And maybe it was a drunken mistake. Maybe, just maybe, Niall really didn’t know what he was doing when he kissed that girl. But just because he does that, his actions do not make you any less beautiful. Got it?”

I nodded into his chest, soaking his polo.

“I love you, Aria.” Liam whispered, kissing my forehead again.

“I love you too, Liam.” I whispered back, squeezing my eyes tighter to stop crying.

Liam's P.O.V.

While taking Aria home ,she fell asleep in the car, probably from all the alcohol in such little time. I had my head rested against the headboard of her bed, playing on my phone with the blonde sleeping beside me.

A click of the door, and voices filled the bungalow a few minutes later. THe other boys must have gotten home.

Preparing for four crazy drunk men, I dragged myself into the living room, where Zayn and Louis had crashed. Harry was moaning loudly to himself while chugging down a glass of water.

Niall was staring at me.

"Why did you leave so soon?" he spat, looking tipsy. He leaned up against the wall and folded his arms over his chest. Trying not to start cussing him out on the spot, I pulled him into the other room, slamming the door behind me.

"You jerk!" I yelled, shoving him onto the bed.

Niall looked confused, and a bit pissed.

"Excuse me?" he slurred, his body swaying to keep balance.

"You were kissing that random slut and Aria saw!" I shouted, suddenly wondering if Aria could possibly hear me. I didn't doubt it.

Niall smirked, a drunk, careless smirk, throwing his head back with a laugh.

"You think I care? I dion't give a damn what Aria thinks. She's just as slutty as that girl I kissed. She doesn't care about me, obivously, and she's definetely is not my type."

"You are drunk, Niall."

"No shit, Liam." he giggled furiously, suddenly changing from a furious man to a happy kid. Sighing, I grabbed a bottle of water off the night table and handed it to him, forcing him to drink it.

"Get some sleep. We need to talk in the morning." I snapped, walking out of the room and shutting that door loudly behind me.

Aria’s P.O.V.

I woke up to the stupid sun shining way too brightly onto my face. My head was throbbing like crazy, and I could barely open my eyes. This was must be called a hangover. And they sucked.

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are!” Louis sang, sauntering into my room. I threw a pillow at him.

“Shut up you idiot!” I yelled, feeling the blood that was pounding in my brain. Louis gave me a grin, and then started to sing again, louder.

“Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky!”

I got up and punched him face.

Louis held the part of my face where I had punched him, right above his jaw, his mouth hanging open.

“Leave.” I growled. Louis stared at me for a second longer, and then left the room in silence. I felt like crying, and I didn’t know why, but there was this pain in my chest that was getting to me. I sat on my bed, trying to recall memories from last night.

And then I remembered.

I remembered Niall, kissing that stranger, never pulling away. I remembered myself running out with tears streaming down my face. I remembered Liam comforting me, and taking me home.
Then I knew why I felt so terrible.

I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, but I wiped them away just as quick. I stood up, feeling weak, and made my way to the shower.

After a long, one hour bath, I stepped out, feeling the slightest bit better. After slipping my clothes on, I headed into the living room knowing that I would have to face Niall soon enough. Thankfully, the only ones in the living room were Zayn and Liam. Liam saw me and instantly jumped off the couch, taking me into his warm arms.

“How are you feeling, babe?” he whispered into my ear while holding me tightly. I let the tears loose.


Liam squeezed my body tighter, letting me cry into his v-neck.

“Eleanor is waiting for you in the other bedroom.” He said softly, “She’s worried about you.”

A smile wavered on my face as I nodded slowly. “I’ll go talk to her.” I said.

“Okay. Would you like some breakfast?” Liam asked, not letting me go just yet.

“No thanks.” I replied, kissing his cheek before I walked into the other bedroom.

“Hey, Aria.” Eleanor smiled as I entered. She was sitting on the bed beside Louis. They looked like they had been having a conversation that had interrupted. I felt ashamed to look at Louis.

“It’s okay, Aria.” Louis chuckled lightly, motioning for me to come over. As soon as I was close enough, he took me into a hug as well.

“The first hangovers are always the worst.” He laughed. I had to giggle a little. Eleanor soon told Louis to leave so that she and I were alone.

“I’m so sorry.” She whispered once Louis was gone.

“I take it Liam told you all about what happened last night?” I grimaced, the tear strains feeling dry on my face. Eleanor frowned.

“Yeah. That must’ve been terrible.”

“It was.” I agreed, twirling my hair. At that second, the bathroom door that connected to the bedroom opened, and out came the blonde that I really loathed at the moment. We shared a very awkward eye contact before I looked away.

“Niall, you really should leave.” Eleanor told him sternly, gripping my arm comfortingly. I could still feel Niall’s eyes on me, but then he left.

“He’s hurting, too.” Eleanor said once he was gone. “I can see it in his eyes.”

“Do you think he remembers?” I asked.

“I know it.”

“Do you think this kind of makes it obvious that I like him?”

“Definitely, babe.” Eleanor giggled.

“Well that is pleasant.” I groaned, shoving my face into a pillow.

“Aria. Look. This is just one of those obstacles in life that you’re going to have to move around. It can’t be erased now, I know, but you need to try. I think you should talk to Niall, just see what he has to say, and if you don’t like what has to say, then forget him. Okay?”

“Fine.” I mumbled.

“Trust me Aria. I can tell by the look on his face, he really does like you, and he remembered and regrets what he has done. No matter how hard you try to hide it, he knows what he did still affected you in a very negative way.”

“If he really did care, wouldn’t he have stopped?” I croaked, tears soaking the pillow one at a time.

“Just because he made some mistakes, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Trust me. I saw the way he was looking at you last night. Sure there was lust, but he was looking at you like you were the only person in the room. That’s the kind of look that Liam gives Danielle, the one Zayn gives Perrie, the one that Louis gives me. He really likes you, Aria.”

I clenched me teeth together, this information really getting to me.

“Go out there and get him alone, talk to him.”

I could only nod, dragging myself out of the room. Something was cooking gin the kitchen, and I could see Liam and Zayn’s heads over the counter. I switched my gaze to the deck, and Niall was sitting there all alone. He looked like he was crying. I felt my heart break, just seeing him cry. No. I shouldn’t feel this way. It was his fault that all this happened in the first place. I quietly made my way to the sliding dots and pushed one open silently. Niall didn’t notice me approach him and lightly squeeze him shoulder. He jumped.

“Hey-oh, hi.” He mumbled when he saw it was me. I bit my lip and sat down beside him, our bodies zapping with the touch of our skin.

“Hi.” I answered afterward. There was an uncomfortable silence, before Niall spoke up.

“I’m a douchebag.” He sighed heavily, covering his face with his hands.

“Yeah. You are.” I answered truthfully.

“I’m an idiot.”

“That too.”

“And a complete jerk.”


“I should be dead right now.” He said.


“Do you wish you never knew me?” he asked quietly, the red rushing to his face.

“Never.” I whispered back, pulling my knees up to my chest. We started out at the water, moving freely with a quiet wind.

“I’m sorry.” He stumbled, choking on his tears.

“You should be.”

Niall hesitated. “Do you hate me?”

“Of course not!” I exclaimed.

“Then will you forgive me? I know, that you probably won’t really ever forgive me but I really just want you that I am so sorry. I really wish that I had never done that because now I feel so stupid about it and I feel like killing myself because I really don’t want to lose you. Plus, there’s this emptiness when I think about what I did and I know it hurt you yesterday and I didn’t stop myself when I could have-“

He obvoiusly knew how I felt about him, now.

“Shut up Niall.” I giggled, squeezing his arm. He bit his lip and put that irresistible half smirk on his flawless face.

“Do you forgive me?”

“Fine.” I sighed, punching Niall’s muscular arm lightly.

“Yay!” he cheered, wrapping his arms around me into a perfect bear hug.

“Ah! The lovebirds have come around, yes?” Zayn interrupted, walking out onto the deck with a plate full of pancakes.

“Yummy.” Niall grinned, licking his lips. I laughed, standing up and grabbing a pancake from the plate.

“You guys are so bipolar, no joke.” Liam grinned, apparently over joyed. I felt myself blush. Niall looked pretty red as well.

“So, I’s guessing you two have made up?” Zayn questioned, setting the plate of pancakes down between Niall and I.

Niall and I both shrugged.

“Oh. I think they want us to leave.” Liam chuckled, ruffling Niall’s hair. Niall glared at him and Zayn.

“Geez. We’re leaving.” Zayn teased, walking back inside. Liam followed after him.

Niall and I spent hours outside, catching up on things we had missed, talking about our lives and random things about ourselves. All the while, we were stuffing our faces with pancakes, smiling giddly at each other.

I felt happy.

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