Let me love you - Friendzone

Emma O'Brian:
Never thought that one night could have changed my life as much as this night did.
but there must come something good out of all the bad right? but for now I'm done. Done with boys, done with friends, done with everything.
just didn't think that that night would have changed that too..

Niall Horan:
feeling lost, feeling alone and felling like I'm going to stay that way forever isn't what people needs to see. so hiding at my dads house was the only way to disappear for a while. at least until people knows I'm there.


6. Spontaneous enough?

- Emma - 


it was Friday and it was 5.30 in the morning. And after 9 calls and the buzzing of the Star Wars soundtrack on my front door I had unwillingly gotten out of bed to let Niall in through it and when I begun to close it I noticed he wasn't alone. In after him a strong-built man walked and after him a middle aged woman in glasses. Niall was smiling and I secretly cursed his ass for not telling me in advance that he was bringing people over this early in the morning.

my hair was a mess thrown into a messy bun high upon my head, wearing really short bright neon green pajamas-shorts and an oversize grey sweatshirt with a neon green print on. it wasn't really the best outfit to greet people but then again it wasn't even 6 o'clock in the morning.


"well good morning to you too." I grunted closing the door behind them making my way into the kitchen where they where all standing.


Niall was making coffee and the woman was on the phone speaking really fast. the man was sitting at the end of the table reading yesterdays newspaper that had been laying on the kitchen counter. 


"So, is anyone going to tell me what's going on?" I said turning to Niall.

"uhm, so maybe some data-hacking fan got into the airport-files thing and figured out that we where flying to New York later today so we kind of had to rearrange our flight." Niall mumbled just loud enough to be heard as he started to make some sandwiches. 

"to when?" I asked.

"to 7.30." he said making a face like he was sorry. 

"so showing up without warning before 6 o'clock in the morning was a good idea?" I said crossing my arms over my chest.

"told you you should have called her last night." the man said.

"Mark, don't.." Niall started.

"you knew last night?" I almost shrieked.

"Em, I.. don't be mad... I just..." he said.

"Oh no.. don't you try that. I'm going to have a shower and then I'm expecting pancakes, with chocolate chips." I said pointing at him making my angry face. 


I sighed walking out of the kitchen hearing the guy named Mark and the woman chuckle lightly as Niall started to move around in the kitchen. 

I rushed up the stairs into my bedroom grabbing the clothes I was going to wear later on and a towel. getting into the shower quicker than expected for being so early in the morning. I washed my hair thoroughly, shaved my legs and was all done in 20 minutes. 

I stepped out feeling the rush of cold air as the steam of the shower was disappearing. the mirror was fogged up but a few minutes later I could see the girl that was me in the reflection of it. I toweled my hair slightly before brushing it so the rat-nest was untangled.

the simple white cotton underwear and bra was put on so was a pair of black leggings. after that a loose black vest to cover my upper body. I did a simple makeup just some foundation and lip-balm before a few strokes of mascara. it was simple but it didn't hide the freckles and I didn't look so tired. when I was done I made sure I had all of my toiletries in my toiletry-bag and that all of my stuff from the bathroom was packed. I hung up the towels so they would dry since I didn't know when my parents was going to get home I didn't want them to come home to eventual moldy towels in the laundry basket. 

getting back into my room that was full of boxes I sat down on the edge of my bed looking around the empty space.I sighed then started to put some socks on and the brown uggs I had not packed yet. I knew I had to get a change of clothes and shoes in my carry-on but I just wasn't sure exactly what. I sighed again opening up a box with packed clothes. 


"here, wear this." a voice said from behind me.


Niall stepped into the room and held out a checkered printed shirt that had like a dip-died effect. it was red and blue and looked like a nice shirt. he held it up form me to put my arms through the arms of the shirt, he must really want me to wear it. 


"It's one of mine. thought it would suit you." he said smiling stepping back looking me up and down.

"more like a she is mine kind of thing... maybe a she slept at my place thing." I chuckled turning to look at him.

"not my intentions but if it sends a message." he laughed.

"yeah right." I huffed trying to stop laughing, I was still kind of angry with him but I couldn't stay mad at him for long.

"so, just something simple for the change. like a dress and sandals. I have a shirt and a pair of shorts. nothing fancy." he said like he had read my mind.

"okay, what about this one?" I asked holding up a dark green skater-dress with little black birds on. 


he nodded approvingly before sitting down on the edge of the bed like I had did a few minutes earlier. I got a pair of black converse that ironically was matching the once he had on. packing the carrier-bag with the most necessary things went fast. Niall had said just a pair of changes and the most essentials since we where just staying for a weekend. 

I packed a pair of sweats and a new pajamas. the one I had used last night was tucked into the last box that was holding the last stuff of random things that I had forgotten or remembered I hadn't packed yet last night. the bag was packed and I stopped to look at the man that was in a few hours going to become my husband. 

he was wearing grey sweats and a dark blue hoddie. his hair was soft and laid newly showered down on his forehead. he looked amazing even if he wasn't dolled up for an event. I gave him a smile.


"the pancakes are done." he mumbled standing up in front of me.

"with chocolate chips?" I asked.

"yeah." he whispered standing so close I could feel his breath on me.

"then lets go." I said but neither of us moved.

"Niall, come on." the woman shouted from downstairs. 

"We better go down." he said but again neither of us moved.


the air went electric and suddenly we where closer than just a minute ago. I could feel his breath on my lips and we where both struggling to breath properly even if we hadn't touched yet. I wanted to kiss him, like so bad but just as our lips was about to touch Mark knocked on the door making us jump apart and blush looking at him.


"come on, we have a flight to catch." he chuckled and left nearly as fast as he had gotten there.


Niall stepped back, sighed, nodding in my direction before quietly leaving the room. I fell down on the bed closing my eyes for a minute to try to calm my breath. a few more breaths before I got back up and got downstairs into the kitchen where  both Niall and Mark where sitting by the kitchen table eating while the woman stood by the counter with a bunch of papers. 


"so everything packed?" she asked.

"yeah, all the boxes standing in the room to the left of the landing is mine." I told her and accepted the coffee mug she handed me.

"I'll have to get your key and I'll make sure all the boxes will be at Niall's place when you get there." she said.

"thanks." I said surprised that she actually talked.

"it's my job." she smiled genuinely before looking back into her papers.


it took us nearly 20 minutes to get out of the house. the bags where packed, the boxes ready and the woman named Morgan was still there making sure that all of my boxes was being shipped to Niall's house back in London. Mark was driving us to the airport and it was just a few minutes before take of when we got to the gate. 

well settled into the big chairs in the plane the early hour made it self noticed. I yawned and leaned back into the surprisingly comfortable chair. Niall was already closing his eyes but slowly opened them again looking at me.


"you okay?" he asked.

"yeah, you?" I asked back.

"yeah." he said and then we where silent.


it took us a few hours to cross the Atlantic but when the plane touched ground in Las Vegas after a short stop in New York, my heart was pounding. I was getting nervous. it was nearly time for dinner as we got to the hotel. we where both exhausted but we couldn't go to bed yet. 

Apparently Morgan had called ahead and the room was beautiful so was the white dress laying on the bed. it was gorgeous. it was knee-legnht and was covered in lace and had buttons all the way down the back. I fell instantly in love with it. next to the dress there was a dark suit and a white dress shirt. on the floor below the clothes where two pairs of matching converse, both in white. 


"what? you did this?" I asked as I felt the fabric of th dress.

"even though this is a spontaneous dessition, I wanted it to be memorable and real." he said.

"it's already memorable." I said. 

"we'll get changed and then we'll head down to the chapel." Niall smiled warmly.

"yeah." I breathed out before getting up on my toes to kiss his lips. 


it was spontaneous and wild to do this. I would have wanted my parents to be with me but then I remembered how little they had cared during my childhood. then I thought of Niall's family. he hadn't had the same childhood as me.he had had a loving and caring and present family. I grabbed the dress and the shoes with my bag and went into the bathroom. Niall had said he didn't need to shower so he was getting ready in the bedroom while I was changing and doing my makeup and hair in the bathroom. 

it took nearly an hour before I could get out of the bathroom. I had a light makeup that just brighten up my face and I was really proud of me getting the eyeliner that perfect. my hair was in a loose but tidy bun high n my head, very sophisticated. the dress fitted like a glove and was even more gorgeous on. I looked myself in the mirror giving myself a pep-talk before opening the door to face Niall. 

the suit was black and the white shirt and black skinny tie looked amazing on him. he smiled walking up to me.


"so wifey, you ready? you look so beautiful." he said.  

"yeah, as ready as I'll ever be. Thank you." I smiled.


this was it. this was actually happening, up until now everything seemed to be just a dream. I could see that he was just as nervous about this as I was. where we really making the right decision? was this really that good of an idea like we originally thought? 

but then he smiled again and all those thoughts that this was a bad idea went out the window and what I could read of him he was thinking the same thing when I smiled back.





so.. writers block.. hate it... thanks for waiting so patiently. please tell me you thoughts about this. 

this is a bit un-edited so it might get an edit soon.

- Sarah

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