Let me love you - Friendzone

Emma O'Brian:
Never thought that one night could have changed my life as much as this night did.
but there must come something good out of all the bad right? but for now I'm done. Done with boys, done with friends, done with everything.
just didn't think that that night would have changed that too..

Niall Horan:
feeling lost, feeling alone and felling like I'm going to stay that way forever isn't what people needs to see. so hiding at my dads house was the only way to disappear for a while. at least until people knows I'm there.


7. Good night sweetheart

- Emma - 


It took one hour. one hour to get a licence and to be able to do the ceremony. I was still nervous though, even if the ceremony was over and all papers signed. I was still so nervous. this was a legally binding commitment and we had only just met but if if that was the case this felt more right than anything had ever done in all my life. the thing was that we where married now and Niall was my husband.

this started to be more than just a agreement now. he was starting to mean more to me than what Carter had ever done for the entirety of our relationship. I trust Niall more than any person I have trusted in my life. He made me feel safe and I didn't regret marrying him for one second at this moment.

Marc had made sure we got back to the suite alright and that nobody really knew that we where there. We where sneaking around like a pair of spies and it was really fun actually, making it a game for not getting caught. 

we where tired from the jet-lag but still not tired enough to actually go to bed really. I was to nervous to sleep next to him again even though I had slept next to him before it just wasn't the same. he was my husband now. 

Marc had left just a few minutes prior to get back to his room down the hall. I was slowly walking around the room looking at things sneaking a peek of Niall every now and then, procrastinating the going to bed part of the wedding night. I stopped next to the window looking out over the lights lightening up the city outside. I turned around and looked over at Niall who was sitting in the big couch in the living area part of the honeymoon suite we here staying in.

he had taken the tie and jacket of and rolled the sleeves of the button up shirt he had on. he was on his phone scrolling down on what I assumed was twitter or something when his phone went of, his eyes went wider and his cheeks paler.


"Something wrong?" I asked him.

"management." he mumbled as he got up and pressed answer.


"hello?" he said into the receiver.

"yeah. no, no I'm not doing that."

"it's my life. you have no control over my love life." 

"this isn't a discussion that you can win. this is my life, I decide what to do with it." 

"I don't care what you think you loose about this. if they loves us and our music my relationship status isn't going to matter."

"would you rather have had to sent me to rehab for alcohol addiction in 6 months instead?"

"that was the way I was heading and everyone knows that." 

"I'm going to celebrate my wedding night with my wife now. don't bother to call again until you have something to say about the band."


And with that the call was ended. it had been short and heated and I knew that he was angry. I hadn't heard what the people on the other end had said but it was early there. like just before lunch or something. 

If management knew who else knew? if the news of our marriage had reached his management after just 2 hours it must mean that someone at the chapel or someone had seen us there and leaked the information. I reached for my phone on the table in front of the couch. I needed to know what the world knew, even though I knew that nothing good could come from reading twitter or any other social media right now. I just needed to know.

Niall was turned away from me when he had talked but now he was facing me and his face was unreadable. he dropped the phone down on the coffee table where mine had laid before stepping up to me.his fingers lightly brushing my cheek as he pulled a strand of hair out of my face to behind my ear. 

as soon as we had gotten inside the hotel room I had gotten out of the shoes and let my hair down. he leaned in and pressed his forehead against mine.


"I'm sorry about that." he whispered.

"It's okay." I told him grasping the front of his shirt in my hands.

"I don't want you to believe anything management tells you. they don't own me or the boys or you or anyone else for that matter. they can't tell us what to do." he said putting his hands around me.

"I know." I whispered 

"I just.." he started but stopped again when his phone went of again. 


he pulled back and reached for my phone that I was still holding putting it down next to his before stepping closer to me again. he smirked pulling me closer.


"maybe you should see who that is." I said trying not to giggle, biting my lip.

"let it ring. I have a wife to take care of." he smirked again before leaning in and kissing the skin just below my ear.

"what if it's important?" I giggled.

"nope, nothing can be more important than my wife on our wedding night." he kissed a trail up my jaw finding the zipper of the dress slowly pulling it down.

"oh really now?" I giggled again starting to unbutton the buttons he hadn't opened on his shirt yet.

"nope." he giggled too before leaning back looking me straight into the eyes.


the phone had stopped ringing for a minute but was starting up again. I sighed stepping back picking up the phone for him. I pressed answer even before I saw who the caller was. I kept eye contact with Niall as I started to talk. I was procrastinating the wedding night again but who ever called must have thought it was very important to call more than once in just under one minute.


"Mrs Niall Horan speaking, how can I help you?" I giggled and Niall grinned as he tried to get me back into his arms.

"hello? is Niall there?" a strong Irish woman voice said.

"Who is it?" I asked as Niall caught me from behind.

"His mother." she said sternly giving no more room for jokes or laughs.

"oh, yeah just a second." I said before turning to Niall in his arms, my eyes went wide and I held the phone to my chest looking at him. 

"it's you mother." I whispered then gave him the phone.

"shit." he hissed before taking the phone. 


I left the living room and went to get my pajamas for getting ready for bed, he needed some privacy for this conversation. I sneaked into the bathroom and changed into the pajamas. I brushed my hair and my teeth before checking myself in the mirror again. it just took a few minutes but as I was walking into the bedroom Niall was sitting on the edge of the bed. he looked tired.


"you okay?" I asked as I sat down next to him.

"yeah, she's dissapointed. she yelled a lot and then she hung up on me." he said and laid his head in the crook of my neck sneaking his arms around my waist. 

"she'll come around. this is one of the consequences for deciding to elope." I said hugging him close.

"yeah I know." he sighed.

"come on, lets get some sleep. tomorrow's gonna be a really long day." I said into his hair.

"yeah." he sighed again and got up slowly to get his own pajamas and to get ready for bed.


he left the bedroom and I could hear the shower start a few seconds later. the night didn't end the way we had expected it to do. there was the big twist of his mother finding out before Niall had even had the chance to call her himself to tell her the news. 

Apparently as soon as management had gotten of the phone with Niall they had called his mother up to ask her to reason with him. it was in the middle of the night here now so it was at least lunchtime over there. 

the shower stopped and Niall came through the bathroom door in just a pair of pajama-pants and a naked chest. he was drying his hair with a towel hanging around his neck as he was brushing his teeth.


"some wedding night huh?" I said as I folded down the sheets.

"there's not rush, love." he mumbled with his mouth full of toothpaste.

"I know but I always thought that it was going to be a bit less dramatic. the fact that I'm still a virgin is dramatic enough." I mumbled out fast before I even had the chance to think of what I said.


I heard a coughing sound from the other side of the bed that was closest to the bathroom. I looked up on Niall that was trying not ti choke on the toothpaste. he was flushed all over his chest and was red in his face. he disapeared for a few seconds in the bathroom and came back with the toothbrush still in his hand and looked at me with big eyes.


"what did you just say?" he asked.

"that I didn't think my wedding night was going to be this dramatic?" I asked stupidly.

"no, after that?" he asked.

"The virgin thing? is that a problem?" I asked nervously looking down on the floor not wanting him to look into my eyes seeing that I was feeling so ashamed.

"no... no, not a problem. just surprised." he said.


I looked up at him. he was standing closer now and he did look like he was surprised. I tried smiling and he smiled back, then it was like a light going up in his head.


"is this the reason you've been acting so nervous all night?" he asked.

"maybe.." I mumbled looking down again. 


Niall dropped his toothbrush on the floor and embraced me. he kissed the back of my neck and kept his arms around me allowing me to hide my face against his chest.


"I would never make you do anything that you're not comfortable with. we have time for things like sex for the rest of our lives. there's no rush." he said rubbing my back.

"i know that." I said smiling pulling back to look at him again.

"you okay?" he asked.

"yeah." I smiled nervously.

"I could sleep on the couch tonight if you want?"

"no." I whispered.

"we could build a wall of pillows?" he joked.

"no, just hold me tonight. I need my husband to do that." I whispered.

"okay, I could do that. lets go to bed." he smiled.


Niall rounded the bed and held up the covers to get under them, he then kept holding them up so that I could get in next to him. when we finally gotten comfortable with me laying with my head on his chest and his arms around me, our breathes started to get more even as the jet-lag was finally taken it's tole on us.


"sweetheart?" he asked.

"yeah?" I asked back nearly asleep.

"Good night Mrs Horan." Niall whispered as he was practically asleep.

"Good night Mr Horan." I whispered back.


and just a few breaths later we had fallen asleep. Some end to what was suppose to be our weeding night.





so sorry for the very long wait.. I hope you like the new chapter.

- Sarah

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