Let me love you - Friendzone

Emma O'Brian:
Never thought that one night could have changed my life as much as this night did.
but there must come something good out of all the bad right? but for now I'm done. Done with boys, done with friends, done with everything.
just didn't think that that night would have changed that too..

Niall Horan:
feeling lost, feeling alone and felling like I'm going to stay that way forever isn't what people needs to see. so hiding at my dads house was the only way to disappear for a while. at least until people knows I'm there.


1. Betrayal

- Emma -


My living room was filled with drunken teens. I hated parties but my best friend and my boyfriend had talked me into to throwing one since it was my 20th birthday this year.

February 14th, to others known as Valentines Day but to me it was the day I was born. 

I had my favorite dark green dress that hugged my chest but the lace cap-sleeve and high neck covered my boobs from falling out and the hem of the skirt flowed down to just above my knees. My flaming red hair up in a loose bun on my head with a few strands lightly self-curled framing my face. 

My best friend Sierra had done my makeup, simple but effective. Just some black eyeliner framed my green eyes and bright red lipstick that actually worked with my hair without me looking like a hooker searching for her next client. 

at least I had talked her out of making me wear heals. the black flats I was wearing where comfortable and pretty plain but I didn't care. I wasn't the girly type, I rather wear jeans and band-shirts or other more comfortable clothes that doesn't make guys look at me like I'm some kind of thing they could eat up.

I hadn't at least gone all wild like Sierra had. she was wearing sky-high black Louis Vuitton shoes and a skin tight red dress that ended mid-thigh and had long lace arms. in a way our dresses looked similar but mine was more modest than hers. Her blond hair was in long big curls down her back and she had an dramatic black smokey eye and some cheap lip-gloss. she was a really pretty girl and knew exactly how to present herself to make the boys go crazy just for her.


I was making my way through the kitchen looking for my boyfriend that I hadn't seen for nearly an hour. My best friend was mingling somewhere too but I wasn't that worried about her, she knew how to take care of herself. my house was medium sized and I had a big garden with an indoor pool attached to the house. I had locked the door to the pool though but my house was still big enough for two people to go around each other with out meeting, especially since there was a lot of other people here. Dancing couples grinding on each other and then there were couples making out in practically every corner. I again was reminded of why I didn't like parties.

The music was blasting out of the speakers. my head was pounding thanks to the one drink I had had and the loud music. I couldn't wait for the party to end and to cuddle up next to Carter in my sofa. I didn't how ever longed for the moment I had to start cleaning up tomorrow. I sighed and got back into being a hostess again. I smiled to some girl getting a drink from the fridge. 

half of the people at this party I didn't even know. they where friends of Sierra or Carter or friend of a friend, since I only had Sierra and Carter to begin with. 

I walked up to Greg, a married guy I knew was a few years older than me but I actually found nice, he was taking a beer out of the sink that was full of ice and beer bottles. I think he was a friend of a friend of Carter. 


"Hey Greg, have you seen Carter?" I asked him. 

"uhm.. not in a while. he was going to take a piss maybe he used one of the upstairs bathrooms?" he said and opens two bottles one for him and one for the blond woman standing behind him, it was probably his wife from the look they gave each other and the matching wedding-bands they wore. 

"fine I'll just look for him." I smiled towards them.

"yeah, do that. by the way Happy Birthday Em." Greg smiled and kissed my cheek before leaving the kitchen.


I liked Greg he was actually the only one at this party I recognized. I looked around and most of the people didn't really care what I did. I guess they were just happy that someone had a parent free house to party in. 


I still lived with my parents, I was their only daughter so I was pretty spoiled I guess but yet again not. they were never really around and I usually had the house to myself. I walked over to the stairs and got up the second floor.  the doors to my parents room where actually locked. the most valuable things and stuff that mattered to my parents were shoved in there so it wouldn't break or get stolen.  

the guest bedroom door was open and it was empty and the bathroom door was straight a head. the door was unlocked and there was no one inside. 


that was strange, maybe he had gone back down all ready and I just missed him in the crowd of people in the living room? that was a possibility.


I shook my head and started to walk back to the stairs but stopped dead in my tracks when I heard a moan coming from my room. my blood froze as I recognized the voice of my boyfriend.


"shhh.. you got to be quiet love." he whispered and I could practically hear the smile he had on his face.


Again it was a loud moan and I stepped closer to the door. I knew it was a bad idea, my head was screaming at me to turn around and walk away but I couldn't. I needed to know what the slut looked like, what she obviously had that I didn't have.

I opened the cracked door and I couldn't believe what I saw. the girl that was suppose to be my best friend was laying in my bed with the guy that was suppose to be the love of my life on her. the bed squeaked from the movements they were doing and my heart just broke. And in that moment I was completely alone, I wanted to throw up and never see them again ever.


"why?" was the only thing that left my mouth. 


Sierra noticed me and pushed Carter of of her. she looked panicked and tried to cover herself with my covers and Carter looked confused at first but then he followed Sierras face and saw me. his face got all pale and the smile he had had just a few minutes ago left his lips. he got up from the bed and started getting dressed. I couldn't look at him as he pulled up his boxers and picked up his dress-shirt from the floor.


"Em.. I'm..  Emma, listen to me." he stammered and never left his gaze of of me.


my eyes stung with the tears building in them. at that moment I couldn't hate him more. it was the biggest betrayal I had ever experienced in my life. I shook my head again, I didn't want to hear their excuses. it was all over, I did not tolerate this and they both knew that.


"my best friend?" I asked. 


He walked up to me buttoning up his shirt as he walked. I stepped back, I felt the nausea again when he attempted to touch me.


"Emma, listen to me. It was a mistake. I'm sorry." he pleaded.

"I can't even look at you. Don't touch me." I say and feel myself getting sicker.

"Emma, listen to us. it wasn't planned. it just happened." Sierra said from the bed as she too was getting dressed now.

"I don't want to hear it, I want you to leave. leave my house and don't ever come back." I whispered looking disappointingly on her.

"Emma you don't mean that, I love you. Please." Carter tried again to get closer but I stepped back again.

"if you don't leave I will call the police. I'm going to leave and when I come back the house is going to be empty and you are going to be gone. do you hear me?" I said.

"Emma." Sierra tried getting to me too.


I just held up my hands and shook my head at her.


"how could you do this to me? on my birthday? in my house, in my bed?" I nearly shouted.

"we didn't mean to." she whispered and I could see the guilt in her eyes but I didn't care, she needed to know that everything has consequences and she just crossed the line big time. 


they had made me numb. I grabbed my purse and my phone from the dresser and walked out of my room. I ran down the stairs and run into Greg that was coming from the living room probably to get an other drink from the kitchen. he looked at me smiling not knowing what I had seen.


"Emma, are you okay?" he stopped and tried to look into my eyes, while his smile turned into a concerned frown.

"I'm done." A tear escaped down my cheek and he wiped it away with his thumb.

"just calm down what happened?" he asked.

"could you make sure everyone leaves? I want everyone to leave." I said.

"of course." he said giving my cheek an other stroke with his thumb.

"make sure that Carter and Sierra leaves. I don't want them here when I come back." I said and looked up into Greg's eyes. 

"where are you going?" he asked.

"I can't breath, I need air." I whispered.

"what did he do, Em? what happened?" he asked and looked worriedly at me.

"ask him or better yet ask them. text me when they are gone." I said pointing at the two people supposed to mean the most to me. 


I felt ill just looking at them. they looked guilty and their clothes looked messy. I walked passed Greg and out the door. 

I couldn't stay in the same room or the same house as them anymore. I hated them and would never forgive them for this. I ran down the street trying to get away from the pain that was filling my chest. I ran until I couldn't run anymore. I had reached the park by now since my parents house wasn't that far from it. 

I walked over to the lonely bench overlooking a little pond. I shouldn't cry over them, I didn't want to but as soon as I sat down the tears started to fall and once they had started I didn't know if it was possible for them to stop.


"do you mind if I join you?" a thick Irish voice asked after a while when my heavy sobs had turned into silent tears finally.


My hole body jumped at the sudden sound and my head snapped up looking at the one asking the question. he looked like he was my age and his hair was died into a blond shade and he had the bluest eyes I had ever seen. he was on crutches so I nodded for him to sit down.  


"what made such a beautiful girl so sad?" he asked and again in his Irish voice was like hearing the angels sing but then again why was I surprised, this was Ireland after all. 

"I'm having a really bad day." I just said not wanting to tell a complete stranger about my life.

"it's cold, aren't you freezing?" he asked changing the subject.

"I left my house in a hurry." I whispered and tried to warm myself from the cold I now started to feel.

"here take my jacket." he said beginning to take it of.

"no, then you will be cold." I said.

"I have a knitted sweater under this so I think I'll be fine." he said and laid the jacket over my shoulders. 


the scent of him hit my nose and he smelled nice. the warmth from his body in the jacket warmed me and I didn't feel the cold anymore. a total stranger was more of a gentleman then my longtime now ex boyfriend had ever been really. it was like Carters betrayal had opened my eyes to see all the bad thing he had done to me that i couldn't see when I was so in love with him.

we sat in silence looking over the pond. it was in the middle of the night and nobody was out here. The park was completely abandon at this time of night and the stars where glistening and the moon was lighting up the pond and lawn for us.


"you're not gonna hurt me right?" I whispered not looking at him, even though I knew he wouldn't I just had to ask.

"I have a newly operated leg and I'm on crutches. you can out run me with no problem but you don't need to because I'm not going to." he told me.

"can we just sit here and don't talk for a minute?" I asked him and looked up into his eyes. 

"sure." he smiled and we went back into looking out over the pond.


it was silent, the silence calmed me down. it made me think about my relationship with the people I thought I knew. It made me realize that I must have known for a while that I wasn't the girl for Carter. 

he was always flirting with other girls and he kept secrets and sometimes he didn't do what he had said he was doing. deep down I had always known. I just needed to wake up to see it like other did.

my best friend was probably never my best friend either. she mostly just called me when nobody else could and because my parents wanted me to get good grades I didn't have that mush time to have friends anyway. but she was the only one I got so I didn't think to mush of it. 

I was being used and I didn't like it. no I didn't like it at all...

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