Summer Riddle never fitted in, she got expelled from various schools across America. She can also speak to certain animals.

When Summer moves to another school, in England, she finds out things she never saw coming. She met someone that left her life at the beginning...someone famous.

Has Hogwarts given her the life she's always wanted? Or has is sealed her fate forever?


1. Transferring...Again

I took my quil and threw it at Vanessa.

"Oi! Miss, Summer threw her quil at me!" She said accusingly.

"I did not." I lied. Miss Zacory looked right at me.

"Miss Riddle, I am sick of this behaviour. Go to the Head Masters office. Now." She said. I grabbed my wand and quil and stormed out the class.

Stupid Defence Against the Dark Arts. It's useless. They don't actually teach us anything. Just study this study that. If it wasn't an all girls school things would be different.

I walked up the modern marble staircase and right into the Head Masters office. I didn't bother knocking.

"Miss Riddle. Please sit." She motioned to the seat I was too familiar with.

"Look, I threw the quil okay? I don't see what all the fuss I about." I said as I sat.

"Miss Riddle this isn't about your behaviour, we would have to schedule a longer session for that. This is about your parents." She said.

"Foster parents." I corrected her.

"Yes. You see, they...um..." She trailed off.

"Spit it out." I snapped.

"Their dead." She said.

"What?" I asked. Their dead? How? What the hell did they do? Was it painful? God I hope so!

"Your foster family is all dead. They were murdered, it is unknown whom by but there is rumour that it was the work of a death eater." She said. A death eater? But that's you know who's henchmen if you can call them that.

"Wow. So, am I moving to a new family?" I asked. She shook her head.

"No. You are being transferred to a new school, you will live there until you are of age to leave. You will leave for England tomorrow."

"England? Tomorrow? What about my friends?" I asked. I don't actually have any friends but he doesn't know that.

"If you give me names then they can have the day of to spend with you, and yes England. You will now go and pack your things ready for the morning." She instructed.

"Wait! What's the name of the school?" I asked. I was dying to know this. The most famous school in the world was placed in England.


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