More Than This

Rosaline Anggraeni loved Louis Tomlinson, in the other had, her bestfriend loved her to bits.
Read the story to find out.


1. More Than This

“Now the winner for one direction Backstage Pass is…..” I and my best friend, Christian, were listening to a radio and we were waiting for the winner, “Rosaline Anggraeni!” We shouted and freaked out, we hugged, and “You can come to our office tomorrow to get the backstage pass.” I jumped around, “Yay I did it! I got the backstage pass, Christian.” He hugged me, “Congrats girl.” Christian was my best friend. We were best friend since we were kids. He lived across my house and his hair looked like Zayn’s but his hair was brown. “Okay I gotta go. I’ll accompany you tomorrow. See ya.” He said then he left my house.


The next day after school, we went to the radio station. Finally I got it on my hands. “What will you do there?” Christian asked when we left the radio station. “Maybe I’ll ask them to take pictures with me, sign all the freaking 1D things I can carry as much as possible.” I smirked. I thought I was one of some lucky girls in this city, as I didn’t get the ticket’s concert. It was sold out before I bought. I was so desperate and sad, until then Christian told me about the quiz on the radio.


“Are you ready Rosa?” Christian asked, I smiled and said, “Of course I am. Oh wait. I almost forget to bring my camera.” I ran back to my room and grabbed the camera. We arrived at the arena. We were waiting on the outside as we didn’t get the ticket to watch the concert. Until I saw I sign written ‘Backstage.’ “Ok I’ll go to the backstage, Christian. I’m sorry we just have one. I wish you could come with me.” I said. “It’s ok, I’ll wait you here.” “No. I don’t want you to wait for me. You’d better go home. I can take a bus.” I smiled and waved at him as I went through the backstage.


There I saw four other girls who were waiting the concert to over, and I joined them. We waited for about an hour and a half. We traded some information about the boys and we also took some pictures together. It was the time the boys had to end the concert. We were waiting impatiently at the backstage, until we saw them. I waited in line to get their sign and pictures. I handed Louis my poster and before he signed it he asked, “Hey gorgeous, what’s your name?” I blushed and said, “I’m Rosa.” I looked at him signed my poster, there I saw him wrote ‘Call me xxxxx’ then he winked at me, I held my happiness then I just smiled. I took some photos with the boys, and they all signed my posters and my t-shirt. They were all nice, especially Louis. Time was over and I had to go home. Before I left, Louis whispered, “Don’t forget. Call me.” I nodded, “Sure.”


I left the arena and I saw Christian was sitting on the edge of pavement. I ran toward him and showed him what I had got in the backstage. I also told him about Louis gave me his phone number. He seemed as happy as me. “Thanks, Christian.” I said when we were about to come into our house. “No problem. What friends are for.”


“Rosaline Anggraeni. The school clearly said no cell phone during class.” My history teacher said to me as I was caught texting in his class. I stopped and said, “I’m sorry Mr. Hamilton.” Then he continued to teach us. I wished the class was over soon. “Hey, what happened in the history class? Were you texting?” Christian asked when we were at the cafeteria. I smiled, “yes, I was. And Louis’ asked me to meet him at the milkshake city this evening.” I showed him the message from Lou. He then left me, I just looked at him and I continued to text Louis.


There was a knock on my door, I said, “Come in.” I saw Christian’s head was peeking out then he came into my room. “Does it look fit?” I asked him and I spun around, “Will he like it?” I Continued. “Where are you going?” he asked and he sat down on my bed. “I’m going to meet Louis. I think, I’ve told you, haven’t I?” “Oh. Good luck, then.” “Thanks.” I smiled as I looked at my watch, “I gotta go now. I’ll tell you everything later on. Bye.” I walked out of my house and headed to the milkshake.


I entered the milkshake and looked for Louis. “Hey, Rosa.” I saw Louis waved at me then I walked toward him and had a seat, “Sorry, I’m late.” “It’s okay anyway; I’ve just arrived as well.” I sighed. We ordered some drinks then he asked, “Are you ready?” “Where are we going?” “The London Eye?” He grabbed my hand we left the milkshake. We drove off to the London eye by his car. Then we rode the London Eye. We stopped when we were on the top. I was never bored of the view from up there. London was amazing when it was dusk. I smiled, “It’s beautiful.” I continued to see the view. “But it’s not as beautiful as you.” He said then looked at the view. I stopped looking and turned to look at him. His smile hypnotized me, so I was looking at him for a view moment, then finally I said, “Thanks.” And I blushed. “Will you be my girlfriend, Rosa?” He asked and took my hands. God! I was so lucky. It was the perfect moment, in the London Eye, at dusk, and he said that. “Yes, I will.” I said after I caught a breath. He planted his lips on mine while the cart went down. After we had supper in a restaurant, he drove me home.


“How was it?’ I saw Christian walked out of his house and walked toward me. I told him everything what happened, except the part Louis kissed me. He just looked at me and said, “Wow, Congratulation.” He held out his hand. After that he went inside his house without saying any goodnight to me. It was weird. I wondered what happened at him.


I was in my tree house at the backyard when Christian climbed up and joined me there. We played UNO and we were being insane. Until I heard Lou’s voice called me, “Rosa, Are you there?” I stopped playing and looking down ward. “Hey, Louis,” I waved then I climbed down the tree. “So it’s your tree house that you told me.” Louis asked and I nodded. “Hey man.” We looked upward as we saw Christian climbed down the tree as well. “Let’s watch a movie.” Lou asked me, “And after that we can go to my house and meet my sisters. I bet they’ll like you.” I looked at Christian before I answered, “Go ahead, Rosa. You deserve to have fun sometimes.” Christian said. I smiled, “Thanks, Christian.” I turned to Louis and said, “So, let’s go then. Bye.” I waved at Christian and we left my house.


*** Christian’s P. O. V ***

I didn’t know when I started to like her. But I loved to make her smile and happy. When she said she and Louis were dating, my whole world seemed like collapsed. I tried to tell her that I loved her. But I was afraid; our friendship would never be the same.


After she left the house, I was about to leave the house as well, but her mom called, “Christian. Has Rosa told you that we are going to throw a birthday party for you?” I shook my head, “Not yet.” “Well, I think she’ll tell you later.” “Maybe, I have to go. See you later.” I walked out of her house.


We were gathering in my living room. They were my parents, my brother, Rosa’s parents, and her older sister. But there was no her. She hadn’t come yet. “Well, we should start the party now.” My mom said, and we started my birthday without her. It was the first time she didn’t show up on my birthday. I texted her, but there wasn’t any reply. The party was over, and I went to the backyard and sat there. All of a sudden, there was a text from her, ‘meet me in front of your house J now.’ I walked out to meet her. I saw her carried a present and she handed it to me, “Happy Birthday, Christian.” She smiled. “Thanks. Where’ve you been?” “I went out with Lou to accompany him.” “Listen Rosa, I don’t know what’s happening with you. But, it’s the first time you didn’t come to my birthday. And the worst thing is you don’t even tell me if you can’t come!” She looked at me, “Are you mad at me? I’m sorry.” “It’s almost midnight. We have to go to school tomorrow. Goodnight.” I left her and I went into my house.


The next day, I avoided her at school. I didn’t mad at her as she didn’t come to my party, I was mad since she was busy with Louis and she was hardly ever spending her time with me. It sounded like I was jealous, weren’t I? It might be.


*** Rosa’s P. O. V ***

It had been a few days past since his birthday. And he hadn’t talked to me yet. He didn’t reply my texts or answer my calls. He also avoided me in school. One day I tried to talk to him when he was at home. I knocked on the door and he said, “Come in.” I came into his room. I saw him was playing a guitar. “We need to talk, Christian.” He answered, “There’s no need to talk about, Ros.” And he continued playing the guitar. “I know you’re mad at me since I didn’t come at your party. Tell me what I should do to make it up for you.” I said as he stopped playing the guitar and said, “You’d better go home. I have some home works to do.” “If you don’t tell me anything, how do I know why you’re mad at me?” I then left his room and went home.


I saw Lou’s standing in front of my house. I waved at him, “Hey.” I ran toward him. He kissed my forehead, “What happened?” I shook and smiled, “nothing. Come on in Lou.” I asked him. “No. Let’s go.” “Where are we going?” He smiled, “My sister asked us to come to her birthday party.” He grabbed my wrist. “Wait. I haven’t got any presents for her.” “Don’t worry sweet heart. Everything’s under control.” “Ok. At least give me 10 minutes. I’ll change my clothes into the proper one.” We went inside and soon we hoped into his car. And before Lou started the engine, I caught Christian was looking down at us through the window.


It had been three days since the last time I came to Christian’s house and we hadn’t talked yet. I didn’t see him in school either at his house. I wondered where he went. Lou came to my house almost every single day. He wanted to meet me before he went to his rehearsal. His family was nice, and our relationship was good. But it wasn’t with my friendship. Until one day, I saw my mom’s in the kitchen. I asked her, “Mom, do you know where Christian’s?” She answered, “I’m sorry my dear I don’t know ummm Christian gave a box for you this morning and I put it in your room.” I ran upstairs instead and went to my room. I saw the box’s next to my dresser. I carried it onto my bed and I opened it up. He gave me some our photos which we took together and he collaged them. It was so beautiful. I looked at the photos and remembered our happy moments then, I saw a letter. It was from Christian:


“Hey, beautiful, I give you those photos just in case to help you remembering we have had super insane time.” I smiled and I continued to read it, “I know I should say goodbye to you right now. But you’ve known I’m not good at it. These past couple of days we didn’t talk. I was jealous with Louis. He gets your attention more than me. I don’t know what I felt that time. But now I know that it’s love. Yeah I LOVE YOU. You don’t have to answer it, since I know you’ll say no. You’ve told me that once you’re friend with someone, you can’t turn into a lover with him. So that’s why I never tell you that I love you.  Oh you must be wondering where I am, right? My family is heading to the US. Yes, we move in there as my dad has been promoted in his job. And I’ll never forget you. You’re my best girl in the entire world.”


I wiped away my tears that streamed down my face and I grabbed my bag. When I was about to open the door, my mom came in and said, “Sweetie Louis is downstairs. He’s waiting for you.” She stopped talking as she saw I burst into tears, “What happened, Sweetie?” “Mom, Christian is moving to the US. I have to go to the airport.” I ran downstairs and there I caught Lou waited for me. He smiled, “Hey Love. Where are you going?” “Lou, drive me to the airport now.” He stood still then I grabbed his wrist and I ran him to his car. I asked him to drive as fast as possible to the airport.


He asked me what happened along his drive. I told him everything. The part Christian was jealous on him, and he loved me even we were friends. Finally we arrived at the airport. I looked around to find him. We ran into the international departure section. I saw him and his family. I yelled at him, and he caught me. He walked toward us and smiled, “I thought you wouldn’t come.” I cried and said, “How dare you Christian! You’ve made me feel guilty.” Lou wrapped his arms around me and I buried my face on his chest. Lou Said, “You should say goodbye at least to her. Besides, you should tell her earlier about your feelings. You’re a man.” He grinned and bore it, “Oh you know it, don’t you? Rosa…… Ok I’m sorry for what I did. But, whenever I see you happy, I’m happy as well.” I looked at him and wiped my tears away, “Are you?” he nodded and he looked at his watch, “I gotta go. My flight will take off in 20 minutes. Bye guys.” He walked then he turned around at Lou, “Hey Lou, you must look after her. Once you annoy her or make her sad, you’ll face me.” “Alright, man.” Lou and I smiled. “Bye Christian.” I yelled and waved at him.

*** The End ***


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