More Than Love

Annabel is an 17 year old girl. She lives in Rochester, New York. She goes to school with only and always one thing on her mind. Aaron Peters. She has loved him since the first grade, but he doesn't know that. Let alone know her at all. She is a ghost to him, maybe even non existing in his world. Can Annabel change that to be with her true love after all? Or will she be in second place behind Aaron's dream girl Taylor Haft.


7. The News

  "Annabel!" Aaron screamed. I kept on going, nut he grabbed my hand. He turned me around, grabbed my neck and kissed me. "Listen Annabel.  I really like you. I don't care what people think of you. I came to the dance to find my meant to be. And, that is you. Now that you are here, you are mine, mine forever. I love you and always will." he said putting his hands in my robe and grabbed my waist. "I don't care what you are to others, because what you are to me matters, and you are my meant to be." he said. He then started to bite my lip and kiss me again.  After, he pushed me against the wall and untied my robe and took it off. Then I grabbed his shirt and took it off. I lifted my leg and he grabbed it, slowly moving his hand to my thigh, then my waist, then he put his hand in my under wear, grabbing my butt.

"Aaron?" I asked. "Will I be your forever? Will I always my yours, and be with you every second, doing everything with you?" I asked breathless. "Of course baby" he said kissing my neck making his way to my breasts. He then moved his hands to my bra, wear he unclipped it and took it off. After that, he started gripping my breasts, also kissing them. While he was doing this, I had moaned, when I took of his pants. He started to grind with me not taking his mouth off of me at all. He lifted me off the ground and carried me to the master bedroom where he threw me on the bed and he got on top of me. He started to hump me when I got on top of him, getting he under wear off. He did the same to mine, when the lights went out. We stopped and sat up. I was on Aaron's lap facing him. My face buried in his neck. Aaron got up and so did I. We got dressed in our underwear and my bra. I put my robe on, and got Aaron his shirt. He got his phone and found his light, turned it on, and then found a golf club from my dad's closet. He pushed me close behind him, and I held his chest. We slowly worked our way downstairs. Before we went outside, he told me to get my phone and have 911 ready to dial if we needed. Then, he grabbed me close to him, kissed me, moving his tongue in mine and French kissed me. He told me, "Ann, if I don't make it, or of anything happens to me or us, I love you so picking much! I live everything about you. Your smile, your personality, and best of all, your sexy ass body. I love you to death. And I love looking and touching your body." "Awwww, thank you baby! I love being with you and your body to!" I said kissing his chest all over the place. Then I kissed his neck and said, "Go get them, for me" 

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