More Than Love

Annabel is an 17 year old girl. She lives in Rochester, New York. She goes to school with only and always one thing on her mind. Aaron Peters. She has loved him since the first grade, but he doesn't know that. Let alone know her at all. She is a ghost to him, maybe even non existing in his world. Can Annabel change that to be with her true love after all? Or will she be in second place behind Aaron's dream girl Taylor Haft.


4. Getting Ready

   "Rrriinnng!!" went the doorbell. "Hey girl, ready for the best night ever?" asked Claire. "Hell yea!" I screamed right back. We both went to the master bathroom and got ready. We got changed into our dresses, then Claire pulled out her two huge makeup and hair bags that were stuffed. "Well, you look gorgeous in your dress, but you still look like Annabel Todd. So we gotta fix that." Claire said determined. She first did my hair. She curled it and then put it half up half down with a bobby pin or two. After that, she did my makeup. She gave me a dark blue Smokey eye. Then put bronze, foundation, and blush on my face. She then put a nice red lipstick on my lips to contrast my dress. "All done, you look fabulous, now I will do my hair and makeup, then we will get ready to go." Claire said. "Kk, I will be getting my shoes and purse. Be right back." I said while going down the hall. When I came back, I had my black Toms on and my silver clutch. I walked in the bathroom while Claire was finishing up her last touches. She turned and looked at me and said "Oh my god!". I had thought she would say something like "You are so gorgeous! This is perfect." but she didn't. Instead she said "Ann, Toms are cute and all, but with peasant girl skirts or dresses. Not with a dress like this" she said scrambling through my mom's closet. "Here we go. This is what you need." Claire said pulling out clubbing shoes that were a silver grayish color." Okay. " I said a little nervously while I put them on. After I did Claire pulled me to the bathroom. " Now, you need to remember. If you fall in those heels, your disguise might go away. So keep up in the shoes. Also, this is a high school dance, so act like a crazy high schooled. Got it?" she asked making little tweaks to my outfit. After that, she said "Outfit adjustment!" Then she pulled me over and pulled down my top so that my chest was more exposed, then synched my waist and pulled it up so that the dress itself it shorter. Then she told me to keep it like this during the dance and then do the same to her. After that we got our mask and headed out the door. We held hands like we were ladies going to a club. When we got in the club, we put our masks on and screamed in excitement. We were finally ready.


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