More Than Love

Annabel is an 17 year old girl. She lives in Rochester, New York. She goes to school with only and always one thing on her mind. Aaron Peters. She has loved him since the first grade, but he doesn't know that. Let alone know her at all. She is a ghost to him, maybe even non existing in his world. Can Annabel change that to be with her true love after all? Or will she be in second place behind Aaron's dream girl Taylor Haft.


5. Dancing Like Crazy

   When we got there, we got our high school I.D.'s ready for the door. It was our turn to come when I saw Taylor," Perfect" I thought. She would obviously know where Aaron is and beg him to be with her, so I will follow her to Aaron and my day is done.   " Student I'D.'s please" a man asked with attitude. I proudly said "Here you go!". "You are clear to enter" he said as he eyed Clair then smacked her butt when she went in. When we got in, the music was blasting so loud you can feel it in your shoes. For a second, we just stared because we were so excited. We stopped when a random boy came up and grabbed Claire by the hand, then took her off. Well, at that point, I did not know what to do. Claire was suppost to help because she has come to theses before. But now that she is gone, I am lost. I went done the stairs trying to dodge people making out and grinding on rail of the stairs. When I came down to the bottom floor, I tried to find someone I know. I didn't succeed. But, I know for a fact that I wasn't recognizable because boys were trying to hold my hand, grind with me, pull them towards me, and said things like 'sexy lady', 'come with me', 'let's have some fun', or 'alone with you'.

Denying all these, I finally made it to the table with the drinks and food. There, I heard a noise. It was Taylor begging Aaron to be with her while she was at the dance. He had denied her, pushing her away, to she girls. I got an idea, since I saw him. The minute Taylor leaves, I will go to him and brush my arm from one waist to the other, leaving my hand out while I walk by. Hopefully, he will want to follow me, if he does, magic will work it's way from there. So, I waited til' she left. When she did, I did exactly what I thought. It worked perfectly. He was following me, as where I walked to a wall where no one was. There, posed on the wall in a sexy way. When he hot there, put one hand on the wall right by my face, the other held my neck. He trapped me on the wall as he whispered in my ear, "I'm Aaron, follow me". He them pulled me to a corner where he trapped me then started to pull down my dress. He began to French kiss me, them worked his way down to my breast. There, he was kissing and licking them. While he was doing that, he got my legs and had ,e wrap them around his waist so I was up off the floor. I stuck my hand up his shirt, rubbing him. Then I unbuttoned it when I heard a voice. "Oh, how cute. Aaron found someone desperate enough to fuck with him." It was Taylor. She said this though while twirling my hair and looking at me. I think she knew it was me when she said "Well, you two have fun while you can. I am going to go since the dance is going to end soon. See you two tomorrow!" When she left we stood for a second then started to fix ourselves and leave. Aaron helped me pull my dress back up and fix it. Then, he had stuck a paper in my bra. I left it alone until he left. When he did, ingot my shoes and started to leave, trying to fond Claire. I finally saw her at a table with her hair messed up, dress all crooked, and shoes in her hand. We both left, and she dropped me off at my house.

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