The Fallen Angel

This is all about a girl that was blessed with such godly powers .. The Fallen angels and the angels need to protect this girl against the Demons .. Long ago the Fallen angels and the angels used to fight but then after decades of fighting , since they were evenly matched with each other.. They decided not to fight anymore but to become one.. Once the Demons gets this girl they can have the chance to rule the Angels and destroy them with one command


4. The New Student

I'm at my house right now , Zayden is in my room sleeping . I can tell that he is tired from studying hard. But now im at the bathroom crying myself until i started to paint my hair light pink and my eyes are now kinda pink i don't know why but it happened all of a sudden, i looked into the mirror i saw the new me and i realized that i should changed the way i treated Xavier and be his friend once again, then i shrugged off the feeling off the sadness. So i came into the room Zayden is sleeping , then i lay down on the bed Zayden is right beside me . Ever since he was here i've never been afraid that someone would murder me or a burglar would come inside the house and kill me.


Then i woke up seeing Zayden awake all dressed up and waiting for me to wake up and take a bath and get dressed in my school uniform. So i went inside the bathroom then turned on the shower then took a bath , while i'm taking a bath i kept on thinking on what i dreamed last night, there was a guy he was looking at me but i can't see his face it was all blurry. But i think he was a guy. After i was done taking a bath i dried myself with a towel then started to get dressed . I'm ready so it's time to leave the house lock it first then wait for the school bus to fetched the two of us. So we went outside the house then locked it . Then we went to the bus stop waiting for the school service. Then the school bus came , ever since Zayden has been living with me , all the gossips in the bus was all about me and Zayden , they all think that we're a couple. Everybody knows that he's living with me .


Until i heard one gossip that there was a new student at the same class as me and Zayden. I kept on wondering who is it.. But i guess ill know who that student is soon, when we get to our classroom. I was walking when i tripped on a rock then suddenly at the last minute Zayden caught my fall, it ended up like we we're dancing, i blushed then everybody was like ," We ship the two of you," then everybody started to shout. Then i hurried going to the classroom, Then our class adviser came inside the classroom with the new student, but all of the students including me , can't even see his face, he's looking down and he's wearing a black hoodie. He has white hair , then after our class adviser was done talking to him he then started to look at the crowd . Then he saw me then he started to glared at me he has two different eye color , right blue and left red but what was different . Is that he has a scar on his left side of his face that seems connected to his left eye. He glared at me then his red colored eyes started glowing also his scar was also glowing , then suddenly a black background started to appear behind him . Then i started to become dizzy.

The last i saw was his face glaring at me, then i woke up in the school's clinic , no one was there except me , so i stood up then went to the classroom , i saw the new student sitting beside my chair looking outside the window and he has a seat, beside a window. Then i sat into my seat then he started to glare at me, but what was different is his red eye and his scar wasn't glowing anymore, i think that is the reason why i felt dizzy a while ago. " I am Sedgewick Grey but you can call me Grey." i replied " I am  Nue Lilliac Elliot but you can call me Nue or Lil." He then nods ," W-h-h-h-hy don't you have lunch with me Sarah and Zayden on the school's rooftop it's very quiet and windy there ." "Yeah sure ill see you guys there ."


Then the bell rang and i went to the rooftop with Sarah.

( i didn't introduce to you guys Sarah yet , she is my bestfriend ever since we were pre school same as Xavier )

She is the one with the brown hair and i'm the one with the light pink hair, we loved each other like sisters.


Sarah and Zayden was already there but im waiting for Grey to come..

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