The Fallen Angel

This is all about a girl that was blessed with such godly powers .. The Fallen angels and the angels need to protect this girl against the Demons .. Long ago the Fallen angels and the angels used to fight but then after decades of fighting , since they were evenly matched with each other.. They decided not to fight anymore but to become one.. Once the Demons gets this girl they can have the chance to rule the Angels and destroy them with one command


1. The Daughter of King Elliot

Lilliac ; ( A girl with Red hair highlighted with white and has amber eyes )


Hi, i am Charlotte Elliot Lilliac know as '' Lil '' for short. I Have a best friend named Xavier , we met each other since we were just pre schools . We treat each other like brothers & sisters. Whenever i'm sad Xavier never fails to make me laugh & whenever i have a problem, Xavier always thinks of a way how to solve it or for me to forget it .  I was just walking near a church when suddenly a guy with a cape suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me at an alley that was a dead end. Then suddenly he was trying to tell me something.  All i understood was Love, Lost and Loneliness, i wish i can talk to him and he would answer me. But i can't i already tried to do that but it seems like he can't hear me.


Then suddenly another one came it was a girl which looks like a grade 3 student. She has a scar on her neck. Then suddenly someone hits me in the head with a bath . I fainted, but before i  could faint i saw a guy behind them i wasn't sure if it is a guy. My sight was kinda blurry . Then i fainted, I woke up seeing me tied up , my arms are getting numb from the tight grip of the rope on my arm. I can feel something touching my feet i tried to look down all i saw was a mouse that kept on running and running under my feet, i can feel its fur rubbing against my feet. I wanted to scream but my mouth was also tied up. I felt hopeless and i kept on saying ," Lord is this really my time to go, going to be tortured , hungry and cold." Then suddenly someone enters the room holding nothing but a bat. It was the girl from earlier , she then hit my leg, i can feel the pain .


I tried to shrug off the pain , but being hit by a bat on the leg is very painful. Then she started asking me question while she unties my mouth ," Do you know about the war between Angels and Demons?." Then i replied " I don't even know why you're doing this to me, what have i done to deserve this?" She hit my leg again ," Don't try and dodge my questions, answer me or else i'll make you suffer for days all tied up in there ." I shake my head , She suddenly took something from her pocket then shows it to me , it was a picture of a guy with Gray eyes , Blue hair highlighted with white and has dark angel wings." Do you know this guy?" Still i shake my head, she then unties my legs , after she untied it she told me to kneel , i did and then she pulled my hair making me look at her in the face . " We aren't done yet." then pushes my head , ending up me looking at the cold floor covered with blood.


Then suddenly i heard someone coming , it was the guy that the girl showed me a picture. He then unties my arms then carried me , like a groom carrying his bride. After that i suddenly faint , all i can feel is his warm hands holding my back , arm and my leg. I woke up in my house, He was still there looking out the window , i looked at my arms which used to be numb . It was covered with bandage. Then i stood up but my legs seem weak every time i would step my leg would easily bend and trying to kneel. The Guys rushed to support me from falling. Then brings me back to the bed," W-w-w-who... are you?" He then replied," I am Zayden , Zayden Zero. I'm so sorry it took so long for me to save you my lady." He then bowed infront of me kinda like a butler. " My lady?" " Perhaps you don't know , you are the daughter of the king of Fallen angels and angels from up above , your father is King Elliot, I Zayden was chosen to serve you and protect you personally ordered by your father ." I blushed, but i kept on looking away so that he can't see me blushing.


He then grins," Don't worry Ms. Elliot i won't let anyone harm you any longer." He holds my hand and opened it he gave me something then closes my palm," wear this , this is a ring that will protect you against those demons." He then sat beside the bed , i hugged him." Thank you for saving me against those Demons , i thought it was going to be my time .'' I looked at his face , he was blushing also , i smiled at him and he grin back." What happened to your right eye why does it kinda have a mark ?" I asked ," Oh this means Dark angel and a Royal servant .'' i touched his mark, it felt like it was a scar. " I u-u-u-umm i have to sleep early so that i can go to school tomorrow . So. will you be sleeping at the same house as i do?"

He nodded," well, my bed is big enough for the two of us, and i only got 1 room the other is a gym" He then lay down beside me , since the bed is big enough it can even fit 3 fat people, We shared." I was sleeping when i suddenly have this feeling to hug Zayden.. So i did since he was already asleep.

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