The water was always her first love. Fire was her enemy. But united, what is the consequence? Will she burn and will he drown...


8. Knowing


The warmth that was spreading all over my body alerted me to the fact that I was being carried. I looked up and saw those same steel eyes looking down at me. I hadn't been help like this since... since...

My eyes fluttered open and I immediately regretted it. The light burnt my head and my face twisted with pain.

"Whoa there Kya." I hadn't noticed the figure that sat by this bed. He got up to close the blinds for the window. He then walked over to the plastic chair next to me.  "How are you feeling?". I was incapable of making coherent words. He laughed and the warm sound made my insides feel like jelly.

"I do not believe we've met. I am Marcus Newton and you must be Kya." The fact that he already knew my name made me wonder what they were actually saying about me.

"Hello. Umm, what exactly happened?" I asked groggily, trying to look anywhere but him. He made me feel safe but at the same time uncomfortable.

He looked very serious for a moment before answering "Kya, you blacked out and banged your head. So Mr Howden asked me to carry you here." He smiled slightly at that last bit. I couldn't understand why.

"Oh sorry about that..." I trailed off hopelessly. I could not form full length sentences around him. He reached over to brush a strand of hair out of my eyes and I froze at the contact. His eyes locked with mine and I saw my whole world within them. Marcus started to say something when he was interrupted by the schools resident nurse, Mrs Merriot entered the dim room. Mrs Merriot always made me feel safe and I knew I could talk to her. Marcus still hadn't pulled back and the nurse had an amused gleam in her eye.

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