The water was always her first love. Fire was her enemy. But united, what is the consequence? Will she burn and will he drown...


18. Apologising


Last night with Chase had been nice. Until it had started raining so then we headed inside and watched back to back episodes of Doctor Who. This morning it was raining but I liked it that way. Nobody would be out here. Running down the cliff steps, I jumped and bounce to the rhythm I heard in my ears. Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy. I started humming and then started singing. Singing like I had never stopped. Running down to the break, I played in the waves and laughed. I spun round and round and was still singing until I felt eyes on me. Nobody was behind me. but down towards the steps that led up to the woods there was a figure. Whoever they were they had seen me. They must think I was insane. Everyone did. Making me way back to the beach, I made sure the figure wasn't watching before pulling off my tracksuit and hoodie and stripped down to the blue bikini I was wearing for this mornings swim. Dan had got this for me. He said the colour brought out my eyes. I smiled at the memories and dove into the waves. 

I stood up in the water and shook my hair out. The cold suddenly got to me and I walked out of the waves and onto the sand. Pulling on my tracksuit, I looked around and my eyes fell on a figure sat on the forest steps. He was there before. I shook it off and told myself to get on with out. Setting off at a jog, I headed towards Mouse Point.

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