3. changing winds

Sitting on the train

The stations just flying past

Everything is just a blur

Its been like this for a while

I should have seen it coming

Or saw the way I was

I need a personality like a changing wind

Something's wrong and I don't know what

Its a feeling deep inside that's so hard to ignore

Its trapping me in

All I can do is cry

Yet at the same time

I fake a smile

I feel so stupid

But I cant help the feeling inside

Every time things feel better

They go all wrong again

Like a changing wind

People brush past

They come and they go

But they are just there

Not important to me

I may as well be invisible

No one seems to know I'm there

With the changing winds

Maybe I will gradually be forgotten

Slipping away slowly

unnoticed by anyone

Then one day I'll be gone

And no one will notice

Like the changing of the winds.

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