The Dare

Being the nerd of the school isn't easy, you constantly get picked on by everyone even if they do know you, but things can change, sometimes for the better or for the worse but when Andi Sanchez comes to town everything seemed to change for the better but along the lines something's just aren't meant to be.


2. 2. cнαpтer oɴe

~Marcel p.o.v~

Grabbing my bag I placed it on my back before exiting my room and going downstairs, once I made it downstairs I entered the kitchen and saw my mom cooking breakfast. Walking over to her I placed a small kiss on her cheek."Morning mamma" I said giving her a small smile reached she returned back."Morning honey"she said and flipped the pancake that she was cooking.

Taking a big whiff of the amazing smell I went over to the cabinet and got down two plates and placed them on the table."it seems really good ma can't wait till your finished so I can eat"I said as I grabbed to forks and placed them next to our plates. "I'm sure you can't" she said and chuckled, lightly laughing I grabbed to cups and placed them on the counter before going over to the fridge.

"Apple, Orange, or Tea" I asked as I opened the fridge. "Orange is fine"She said, grabbing the orange juice from the fridge I closed t and went back over to the counter and poured our juice.


-At School-

Pulling into the parking lot of my school I leaned over and pecked my mom on the cheek."See you later mom" I said before opening the door and getting out."have a nice day sweetie"My mom called out before I shut the door.

Turning around I looked up at the school, I noticed that the same crowd that bullies stood next to the entrance of the doors where they have always been since freshman year. Taking a deep breath I made my way up to the double doors but made sure to keep my head down so they wouldn't notice me but just my luck someone stood in front of me blocking me.

Slowly looking up I came face to face with George my main bully. Quickly looking down I tried to make my way around him but every move I made he followed."Well well well, look who we have here"He said and let at a small chuckle."it looks like the nerd is back guys"He his friends causing them to laugh, I don't see how picking on someone is funny.

"excuse me"I said barley above a whisper trying to get past him, but he wouldn't budge."what was that nerd speak up"He said stepping closer to me, looking up at him I saw he had a smirk on his face, along with his friends." I- uh I- um I said u-uh e-e-excuse m-me" I stuttered. Great now he knows that I'm still afraid of him, before he had said anything the bell had range. "Saved by the bell, this little chat isn't over" he said before turning around and walking back to his group.

Keeping my head down I walked inside the school and into the cafeteria where we get our schedules and locker number. Once I got my schedule and locker number I made my way out of the cafeteria but not before bumping into someone making them drop there stuff.

"I-I'm s-sorry"I stuttered before bending down to grab there stuff, standing back up I still kept my head down and handed them there things. "Thank you" I heard an angelic voice say causing me to look up. There in front of me stood the most beautiful, gorgeous girl I've ever seen.

"y-your w-welcome"I stuttered not taking my eyes off her, great I'm probably creeping her out, putting my head back down I clenched onto my binder that was in my hand."I'm Andi by the way, I'm new here" she said sticking out her hand for me to shake. "M-Marcel" I said before quickly walking away from her not trying to get her in trouble for talking to the nerd of the school.

Sighing lightly I had finally found my locker after about 10 minutes looking for it. Putting in my combination I opened it before putting my things inside, placing my binder inside I leaned against the locker.

Why me, why am I the nerd of the school, why am I the one to get bullied, sometimes I wish I could go back in time so I could change that day where everyone started bullying me and calling me names, and to come to think of it I never knew what I did to deserve this.


Okay I know this isn't the best chapte, please forgive me if there's any errors I'm typed this chapter on my phone.

I hope you guys enjoys the first chapter of this story, please leave feedback it'll mean a lot 💜

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