The Dare

Being the nerd of the school isn't easy, you constantly get picked on by everyone even if they do know you, but things can change, sometimes for the better or for the worse but when Andi Sanchez comes to town everything seemed to change for the better but along the lines something's just aren't meant to be.


1. 1. proloɢυe

Being the Nerd of the school isn't easy? I know you're thinking I never said it was, but some people actually think it is easy, but in reality it really isn't. Being the nerd means, you get called names, picked on, and most of all Bullied.

My name is Marcel Styles, Brother of Harry and Edward Styles, yeah you probably never heard of me considering I'm always in my brothers shadows. I'm the nerd of the three I get picked on and bullied all the time but if it weren't for my brothers I'd probably be somewhere dead. So I'm thankful to have them as my brothers.

I'm a junior going into my Senior year, well this year. Both my brothers already graduated so that means it's just me this time, me, myself, and I. Let me just say I'm not ready for senior year, because 1. My brothers aren't gonna be with me, 2. I don't know how to stick up for myself 3. I'm just not ready to get picked on for a whole year without xmy brothers.

Oh I don't think I introduced myself, My name is Marcel, Marcel Styles to be specific, I'm 17 years old going on 18 pretty soon, I'm a senior at Cheshire Academy out here in England. I live with my mom, it's just the two of us now because well my brothers decided to move out and go to college.

I should probably get going now I have to get ready for the first day of school as a senior.


I know it's short but it was only the prologue, I promise the chapter will get longer. I really hope you guys liked this story so far it's my first story on here so yeah, leave feedback please thanks loves <3

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