Country Love

Nicole Hunter was born and raise in Nashville, Tennessee. She's 17 years old and currently crushing on this country boy, who's a senior at her school, named Dallas Parton .
After Nicole found out from her crush's buddy that Dallas likes her, Nicole decides to talk to Dallas.
After months of talking to each other, being friends, and getting to know each other, they finally get together.
Nicole's relationship with Dallas was everything she ever wanted. She felt like she was wanted when she was with him, while she was in his arms, she felt safe. She was nothing but happy with him. She was in love with her country boy. And Dallas was in love with Nicole, his country girl.


1. Chapter One

Nicole Hunter was 17 years old. She wasn't that popular but she doesn't care. She was beautiful, nice, funny, and a down to earn country girl.

Nicole was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. She loved Nashville with all her heart. She mainly like the country part of Nashville.

Right now, Nicole was working on trying to get a job at a local daycare. She has a part-time babysitting her niece and nephew, who are twins and 1 years old.  But she only babysits them on the weekends or break from school. She is also a junior in high school.

But all Nicole ever wanted was a country boy to call her own forever. A boy she could call a soul mate, her best friend, and her everything. She is currently crushing over this super handsome, country boy senior name Dallas Parton. Nicole has had the crush on him since he told her, "Hi, do you need help with finding your classes?" On her first day ever of high school.

What she didn't know though is that Dallas likes Nicole too.

Dallas is the school's football star. Dallas is 18 years old. And all he ever wanted was to have a country girl to call his own. To be able to call her his everything, and beautiful. To text her good night and good morning every single day.

Nicole and Dallas wants to be with each other but they don't know that yet.

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