Liam's Muse

Liam is a shy, quiet, sweet writer. Cecily, is a loud, good-hearted, girl with a free spirit.

After unexpectedly meeting each other, they find that they are exactly what each other need.

Find out what happens!
( sequel to Harry's slave)


1. Chapter 1

Liam's POV

" Oh look! It's the geek!" I heard the quarterback yell behind me. 

I don't think he was talking to me. I fade into the shadows and stay as invisible as possible just for this reason.


I'm not a nerd, Im a writer.

I stop in front of my locker and open it. 

"Hey Liam" the quarterback says.

He makes sure none of the other football guys are behind him, then approaches me.


"So, um, today in English. I didn't really get the topic." He told me it hushed tones.

" Parallel structure?" I ask and he nods.


I explain it to him in very simple terms, to make sure he understands.


He nods and then asks," how is she?" 

He was talking about my best friend, Grace. He secretly fancied her, but wouldn't cut it off with his cheerleader girlfriend , for fear of a popularity decrease.

Grace had broken her wrist, and was still out of school. 


"Yeah Daniel, she's fine." I respond and  he breathes a sigh of relief.

"Thanks. And remember our deal: tell anyone I talk to you, and I will kill you." 

I nod at the usual phrase, and go back to loading my bag.


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