Sarah is not your typical fifteen year old. In fact she can, oh just read on!


2. I’m a lab experiment

I woke up to find that I was in a white room with almost everything in it was white. Except for the trash cans. I thought. ‘I would like my hands to normal please.’ And my hands slowly morphed and back to my fingers. Then the guy from the beach walked in and said. “My name is Dr. Legornaro. And we would like to run a few test.” “Ok.” I said. And he took me into this room that had a giant cage in the center of the room. And they but me inthere and Dr. Legornaro left the room into a smaller room that had a glass window that showed the room i was in and he was in. His vioce came over an intercom saying. ''Alright! We would like you to change into a dog if you can.'' 'Alright! I need to be a dog.' I pictured a Husky with black and white fur and blue eyes. A searing pain erupted from all over my body and i could feel that i was changing. My face changed shape and i bent over on all fours and my senses became sharper and with in minutes i was a dog. A Husky, just like i imaginged myself, Dr. Legornaro looked like he was impressed because he applauded after i had successfully changed. Me i started sniffing around and started to move around the cage. I thought. 'I have got to figure this out. My full potiental.' And i started to fun around and i moved like a sppeding bullet. Dr. Legornaro said. ''Now let's see if you can change back.'' Even though i hated changing back, i thought. 'I need to be human again.' And the searing pain returned as i changed back to normal, in about three minutes i had turned back to normal. And Dr. Legornaro stepped out of the room and opened the door and i walked out. I came back to my room and found clothes for me on my bed. So i changed out of my swimsuit and i changed into a slim purple wetsuit. Then one of the secruity gaurds came in and took me somewhere. We turned down a hallway andit opened up to a vast courtyard filled with people in wetsuits similar mine glared at the secruity guard. He pushed me out said. ''Go on freak!'' And turned and left, a guy with bright red wings tipped with purple and yellow. He had red hair and beatiful blue eyes fan over and said. ''Are you alright? Can you change into anything?'' A girl walked up and said. ''Don't crowd her! And ofcourse she can! Look she's wearing a wetsuit!'' I said. ''Yes i can changed into anything. ANd where the heck am i?'' The guy spoke up, ''We are at testing faculity and the people here do exipiements on us.'' ''So wait! I'm a freak! A lab exiperment!''
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