Sarah is not your typical fifteen year old. In fact she can, oh just read on!


1. Owned

Here I was, with my parents at the beach. No one was around, and my dad was teaching me how to surf. My mom was tanning on her beach towl, I was surfing when I lost my balance and fell again. My dad said. "No Dear! You don't lean left or right! You stay straight!" I nodded when i came back up and i tried again but failed again. My dad had black hair, green eyes, and wore his blue swim shorts. Me i had black hair just like his but wild gray eyes and i wore a one piece green swimsuit. I went back to shore and went to our cooler and get a peach soda. I looked back to the horizon and i saw my dad be pulled into the water. I screamed and dove into the sea. my dad was struggling against what looked like a monster with scales for skin, she also had eight tentacles for legs, and had big fangs that showed along with claws. I swam over and kicked the monster in the face and she shireked an ear piercing noise. i grabbed my dad and guided him to shore. My mom was waiting for me so she took care of dad. I was about to swim to shore when the monster grabbed my ankle and dragged me down. And she hissed. "Inssstead of your father i'll ssssettle for!" I was fighting with all my might but she kept dragging me deeper. My lungs started to burn, 'If i don't get out of here i'll die! if only i had gills!" Then a searing pain engulfed my neck and i srceamed in pain but bubbles only erupted. I started clawing at my neck and i felt them..... gills. I breathed in the sea water and i felt my strengh return and i kicked her in the face again and she let me go. But i didn't go back up to the surface, no... I was going to get rid of this monster! So i thought 'All need is some claws.' And my hands morphed into claws. And i started clawing at her eyes intil she was blind. Then i swam away and went back to shore. When I resurfaced i saw that the beach was crowded with men in white my my loungs burned i thought, 'I would like the gills gone.' And they disappeared but i frogot about my calws. And when i emerged with claws for hands my mom fainted and my dad had a confused look on his face. But then man that had tan skin, dark brown hair, wnd wore a white lab coat and sunglasses. My dad walked up to me and said. "I love you dear. But these nice men will have to take you away now." I yelled. "What! NO! You can't send me away!" "I'm sorry. But your not human." And the man said, "Alright! If you will come with me i will show you to your new home." The guy shoved me along and when we were in the car he said. "You now belong to me! To the Herain faculty." I Yelled. "Where are you taking me! Why are you stealing me from my family!" But before i could open the door, something hit me and i blacked out.
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