The Five

Jordan was eight when she found out she had special abilities. Everyone was afraid of her. After eight years of her parents searching for help, they finally did. Jordan's sixteen years old when they send her off to a lab where she meets six people who are also searching for help. When one of the six turns out to be evil, the other five must stop her before she kills them all.


4. The Locket

   Nobody knew my story. Nobody ever wanted to find out. I was eight and everybody I knew was terrified of me. I tried to explain to them, how he gets mad easily. But no one would listen. My parents tried to find me help for years and no one could figure out how to help. They went to doctors, priests, shrinks. No one seemed to help. Until one day that all changed. This is where my story begins.

   It was a warm rainy day. I just came home from school around two o'clock. I headed straight for my bedroom. I opened my door and saw the mess I made this morning, trying to find the right outfit to wear. I put my book bag on my bed and went over to my mirror, which was across from my bed. I looked into my mirror to see my dirty blonde hair was curling from the rain and my make-up was smudged around my bright green eyes. After seeing how awful I looked, I decided to get my homework done. I finished all of it around  five. My mother should be home now. I put in my headphones and started listening to my music. I heard a knock at my bedroom door and opened it to see my mother standing there, with tears streaming down her face.

   “Mom, what’s wrong?” I asked her. She came into my bedroom and sat on my bed. Her dirty blonde hair was a mess and her blue eyes were all puffy. Her makeup was running down her face. I grabbed a tissue off of my bed stand and handed it to her.

   “Mom, please tell me what’s going on.” I pleaded. She looked at me, her eyes still filled with tears.

   “We found a place that will help you, that will take care of your problem.” She said, her voice cracking.

   “Isn’t that a good thing? Isn’t this what we wanted?” I asked.

   “You don’t understand sweetheart. It’s going to be a permanent solution.”

   “You mean I have to stay there?” I looked at her and she started crying all over again.

   “Mom, we can find another solution. We can find something temporary.”

   “No. We can’t” She said shaking her head.

   “What do you mean we can’t?” I looked at her and she just looked away.

   “What do you mean we can’t mom?!”

   “Your father has already made arrangements for you to be there tonight.”

   “Tonight?! You’re sending me there tonight?!” I screamed. How could they do this to me?! How could they just send me away?!

   “Jordan please calm down you’re going to make him upset.” She said with fear in her voice. It was too late. He started breaking things and flying stuff across my room. He picked up my lamp on my dresser and smashed it against my door. He opened up my closet door and threw all my clothes around.

   “Ian, stop. It’s alright, I’m fine.” I said, trying to calm him down. Ian started messing with the lights. They kept going on and off. faster and faster.

   “Ian, please. You’re scaring me.” He stopped.

   “Thank you.” I whispered.

   “This is why we have to send you there. It's  getting out of control.” My mom said.

   “He was only trying to protect me. Mom please I don’t want leave you guys. I don’t want to leave my home.”

   “We’re going to visit you everyday,it will be fine. This is best for everybody.” She said, pulling me into a hug.

   “When are we leaving?” I asked her, pulling out of the hug.

   “After dinner we will leave.”

   “Okay, I guess I’ll get packed then.” I said turning around and picking clothes up off the floor.

   “Need any help?” My mom asked. I knew she was trying to help, but I just needed to be alone for a while.

   “No, I’m fine.”

   “Okay, I’ll go make dinner then.” She said. She looked around my room and left.

   “Ian I don’t want to go, especially if they’re going to take you away.”

   Want me to find out more? Ian asked

   “No, we’ll scope the place out when we get there.”


    “What should I pack?”


     “Right…everything” I got my suitcase out of my closet and set it on my bed. I got all my clothes and packed them. I didn’t have all that much stuff so I only needed one suitcase. It took me about twenty minutes to get all my stuff together.

       Did you remember your toothbrush?

       “Yes dad.” I chuckled

       Hey, I’m only look out for you

       “I know and thanks.”

        “Jordan! Dinner!”

        “Let’s go Ian.” I walked downstairs into the dining area. My dad was sitting in his usual spot and my mom was putting some sort of meat like thing on the table. Something I wouldn’t miss when i left.

         “Hey Jordan, are you doing okay?” My dad asked.His green eyes were filled with guilt.  I just stared at him. What kind of question was that? You’re sending your daughter off to who knows where forever and you think she may be okay with all this?

          “Jordan eat quickly we have to leave shortly.” My mother told me. I looked at them. They didn’t seem to act any differently. They didn’t act like they were sending their daughter off to a strange place. How could they sit here, not freaking out? They were acting as if everything was normal. We had all finished eating and I went upstairs to go get my suitcase. When I got back down stairs they were already in the car.

         “Wow. In a hurry much?” I said to myself. I walked outside, got into the car, and we took off. No one really said anything, my mother was silently crying. I put my headphones in and stared out the window for the rest of the car ride. It took us exactly one hour to get from our house to this…building. We walked inside,the building was big and had lots of hallways and rooms. It looked a lot like a hospital. We were greeted by an older looking man. He had brown hair with a few grey hairs and tired brown eyes.

        “Hello, my name is Dr. Kevin Hartman. You must be Mr. and Mrs. Foster. And you must be Jordan.” He said smiling at me.

        “I will be taking care of your daughter. You can see her on the weekends around twelve o’clock till five o’clock.”

        “We can’t see her any other time?” My mother asked

        “I’m sorry but no. Any other time she will be in testing.” Kevin said.

       “We understand.” My father said.

      “I’m sorry I have to rush this, but everyone must be in their rooms in five minutes.”

        “Okay.” My mother said

       “Jordan, we have something for you.” My mom stuck her hand in her pocket and pulled out a box with a small red bow on it. I opened the box up and there was an oval shaped locket in there. I opened up the locket to find a picture of my mom, dad, and me. I was on the verged of crying, but I held back my tears.

        “Thank you. This is beautiful.” I said bringing both of them into a hug

        “Well we have to go now.” My dad said. My mother gave him the dirtiest look I have ever seen her give somebody.

         “We’ll be back on soon sweetheart.” She said, giving me a kiss on the head. I waved as they walked out the door.

         “Come on Jordan, I’ll show you to your room.” Kevin said. He grabbed my suitcase and we started walking down a long hallway. I knew, right then, I would never see my parents again.

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