The Five

Jordan was eight when she found out she had special abilities. Everyone was afraid of her. After eight years of her parents searching for help, they finally did. Jordan's sixteen years old when they send her off to a lab where she meets six people who are also searching for help. When one of the six turns out to be evil, the other five must stop her before she kills them all.


3. The Beginning

We turned around to see Izzy walking towards us.

“Izzy we’re sort of in the middle of something.” Felix said

“Well it can wait, I’m going upstairs for breakfast, want to join?”

“We would love to, come on Jordan” Felix hooked his arm and I slid my arm through his.

“Be careful. You don't know what she's capable of.” Felix whispered to me.

“Got that Ian?”


“I didn’t mean for you to join us, Felix.” Izzy said, with a glare. I was thinking about what Felix said, how Izzy was always fighting with Cyr. What if she was planning on doing the same thing to Felix? What if she tried to lock him up? I didn't want that happen. I know I just met him but something tells me I can trust him.

“Uh, Felix maybe I could just hang out and have some girl time. I’ll swing by after?”


“Please?” I whispered

“My rooms right across from yours. Have fun.” Felix said with a worried expression on his face as he walked away.

“Now that he’s gone, what have you two been talking about?” Izzy asked me.

“Just about Ian and Felix’s abilities.” I told her.

"Oh...nothing secretive between you two lovebirds?" Izzy said with a grin.

"Um, no? And we're just friends."

"Mhm, anyways we should head upstairs before breakfast is over and all the good food is gone. Come on the elevator is right here." We walked around the corner to two elevators, one across from the other. We got in and Izzy pressed the number two button. When we got to the second floor we took a right and there were two big, wooden doors.

"Finally, I'm starving." Izzy said. We walked in through the doors and it looked exactly like a cafeteria in a school. The smell was mouth watering.

"Looks like someone is hungry." Izzy said laughing. We got our food and sat down at an empty table.

"So how's Felix treating you? He can sometimes be out of hand but other than that he's alright." Izzy asked.

"Oh,no. He's been very nice to me. Actually everyone has been nice to me. I feel like I actually fit in here."

"Well of course you fit in here, you're just like us." Izzy said with a smile. We finished eating our food and decided to go to Rocky's room and see if she was back from her training. We walked down the hall we came from and got into the elevator, and Izzy hit the first floor button.

"So how was visiting Cyr?" She asked. I didn't want to talk about him and causing her to get upset.

"He seemed nice. He told me he was getting out tomorrow." I told her.

"Tomorrow?! Why is he getting out?!"

"Uh, I don't know. All he said was that he's getting out tomorrow." The elevator doors opened and Izzy stormed out. She started walking the other way from our rooms.

"Where are you going?" I asked her. She seemed really mad.

"Don't follow me! Just go to Felix or something! I'm going to see Dr. Hartman!" She yelled. I walked to Felix's room, confused as to what to just happened. I wonder if this has to do with what Felix told me earlier? 

"Hey how was breakfast?" Felix asked opening the door.

"It was...weird." I said, cutting Felix off.

"What do you mean? What happened?"

"We were just talking and then she brought up Cyr. She asked if everything went fine and I told her that he was getting out tomorrow, she stormed out of the elevator and went to go see Dr. Hartman."

"No one's allowed in Dr. Hartman's main office. How can she get in? Stay here I'm going to see what she's doing." He stepped out the door and started walking down the hall, furiously. I  just stood there in his door way not knowing what to do. He did tell me to say here so maybe I should just wait. I closed the door and sat on his bed. I looked around his room and saw a picture frame on his draw. It was  a picture of Izzy, Cyr, and Felix and what I assumed to be their parents. They seemed like a very happy family, but photos can hide the truth sometimes. It had to be at least thirty minutes until Felix came back.

"Hey I'm glad you stayed." Felix said coming through the door.

"Yeah. I wanted to make sure everything is ok."

"I don't know what's going on in Izzy's head. I overheard the conversation she was having with Dr. Hartman and she was telling him how happy she was thay Cyr was getting out."

"Happy? She seemed pretty pissed when I told her about it."

"That's the thing. I don't know what she's planning."

"I know a way we can find out more." I told him.



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