The Five

Jordan was eight when she found out she had special abilities. Everyone was afraid of her. After eight years of her parents searching for help, they finally did. Jordan's sixteen years old when they send her off to a lab where she meets six people who are also searching for help. When one of the six turns out to be evil, the other five must stop her before she kills them all.


2. Meeting the Others

“So, Jordan, how’d you sleep last night?” Rocky asked. She seemed be around the same age as me.

            “Fine.” I said. It was weird, knowing my situation and all and could fall asleep like any other normal night.

            “Good, usually people can’t sleep their first night here, but I’m glad you’re already starting to get used to things.” She smiled

            “Why don’t you come on in, you can meet Izzy.” She said opening the door and walking in. I followed, right behind her. Her room was the same size and the same set-up as mine. Her walls were red with orange flowers.

            “Izzy come here.” Rocky called out.

            “Yeah?” Izzy asked walking out of the bathroom. She was a short skinny girl, with curly blonde hair and green eyes. She looked around the same age as Rocky and I.

            “Izzy this is Jordan, she’s new and she’s going to be in our group.” Rocky told her.

            “Oh cool, what are you in for? Do you control any elements?” Izzy asked me.

            “No, I’m associated with a supernatural force.” I told her.

            “Cool. Like a ghost?”

            “Yeah, something like that.”

            “Cool! I’m in here because I can control the earth element, watch this.” She went over to the flower pot on the window sill that had one red rose in it. She touched the soil and two more roses grew next to the first. I looked at the pot with amazement.

            “Cool, huh.” Izzy said with a smile. Izzy looked at Rocky.

            “Show her what you can do Rocky.” Izzy said, nudging her. Rocky went over to her night stand and took the candle that was sitting on it. She stared at it for a second and it lit up.

            “Rocky controls the element of fire.  The boys have pretty cool abilities to, but not as cool as ours. Rocky we should go introduce her to the boys.” Izzy said.

            “You go; I have to eat something before training.” Rocky told Izzy

            “Okay, come on Jordan.”  Izzy walked out the door and I followed. We walked right over to the next room. The room had the name, Ryan, written on it. Izzy knocked on the door and a guy, around my age with floppy brown hair and brown eyes, opened the door.

            “Yeah?” The guy, who I assumed was Ryan, asked.

            “Ryan, this is Jordan, she’s going to be in our group.” Izzy told him.

            “Hello. I’m Ryan, welcome to your new home.”

            “Ryan, show her what you can do.” Izzy said with a big smile.

            “Izzy, you know I can’t before training.”

            “Ugh, fine. Anyway is Felix in there? I’m going to have to introduce him to Jordan eventually.” Izzy said with a sigh.

            “Yeah, come on in.” We walked in to a room that was exactly like mine, except it was dark blue. There was a boy, who I assumed was Felix, sitting on the bed looking at his phone. He looked up at us and smiled.

            “Who’s the new girl?” He asked, looking at me. He had floppy, dirty-blonde hair and green eyes. He looked about a year older than me.

            “Felix this is Jordan, Jordan this is my brother, Felix. She’s new Felix, so don’t freak her out.” Izzy told him.

            “I’m not going to. So what are you in here for new girl? You have abilities too?” Felix asked me.

            “No, I’m actually associated with a supernatural force.” I told him.

            “Cool, cool. Well I’m in here because I’m a shape shifter and I can control electricity. Cooler than my sister’s, huh.” He said with a smirk

            “And Ryan here can control wind. Even cooler than my sister’s”

            “Okay, okay you had your fun, now I have to go find Cyr.” Izzy told Felix

            “No, he’s going to freak her out even more than I would. Let me bring her, it will be far less dangerous, you know he doesn’t trust you.”

            “Right, the two brothers against their little sister. Bring her back in one piece.” Izzy said, stomping out the door.

            “Sorry about that, she’s very sensitive about the fact that our older brother trusts me more than he trusts her. She shouldn’t be though. Come on, let’s go meet him.” Felix opened the door and walked out, with me right behind him. We walked down the hall towards my room. We walked past my room and kept on going. At the end of the hallway there was a big, iron door. There was a keypad next to it and Felix typed in some numbers.


            “Ian, stop snooping.” I whispered to him.

            Sorry, it’s a habit. The cell door opened and we walked in. It was a small room, smaller than mine. The room was green with a closet to the left and the bathroom to the right. There was a bed directly across from the door, with a boy sitting on it. He looked a little like Felix. He had dirty blonde hair that was shorter than Felix’s and green eyes.

            “Hello, brother. Who is this lovely girl?” He walked over to us and took my hand in his, kissing it gently.

            “This is Jordan; she’s one of us now. Jordan this is Cyr.” Felix said.

            “Nice to meet you, Jordan. What are you here for? Let me guess, associated with a supernatural force?” Cyr said with a smirk.

            “Cyr can read people’s minds.” Felix told me.

            “I can also control water and ice.” Cyr said.

            “So how have you been brother?” Felix asked Cyr.

            “Good, they’re letting me out tomorrow. I get to see Ryan and Rocky.”

            “And Izzy.” I said. Cyr looked at me, he looked angry. He started walking slowly over to me and then was blown back.

            “Ian, stop. I’m sorry Cyr I didn’t mean to offend you, really.” I said, trying to make things go back to normal.

            “Who’s Ian?” Cyr asked, getting up off the ground.

            “My friend.” I told him.

            “Your supernatural force?” He asked.

            “Yes.” I said, looking down. I knew no one was going to talk to me after this. I was going to be a freak again.

            “Cool.” Cyr said

            “Cool?” Why wasn’t he freaking out? Why was he acting all normal?

            “Because, you’re the same as all of us here. We all are freaks. He said.

            “Dude, stop reading her mind.” Felix said.

            “Sorry, habit. Anyways can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow, except Izzy.” He said looking at me.

            “Sorry again for that.” I said.

            “It’s alright, I shouldn’t have lost my temper.” He told me.

            “Well goodbye brother, well at least until tomorrow.” Felix said, bringing Cyr into a hug.

            “Yes, can’t wait until then. Goodbye brother, goodbye Jordan.”

            “Goodbye.” I said walking out the door.

            “He’s nice.” I said, once we’ve walked out of Cyr’s room. We started heading back to my room.

            “Yeah he is, but he has a bit of a temper. That’s why he’s in there.” Felix said.

            “What did he do?” I asked. I knew it was a personal question but I was a bit curious.

            “You mean, what did he get framed for.” Felix said

            “What?” I asked, confusingly.

            “They think he tried to kill my sister, but I know he would never do that.”

            “Well what did she say about it?”

            “She said they had a huge fight, she never said about what, she said he pulled a knife out and was about to attack her when Dr.Hartman stepped in. I know Cyr would never do that to Izzy. They did fight a lot but he was very protective of her, she’s our little sister.”

            “Why do you think she would lie?”

            “I have no idea. I know Dr.Hartman wouldn’t have threatened her or else she would have used her powers against him. But I don’t get why she would want her own brother locked away.” We got to my room and stopped.

            “Please don’t say anything to Izzy, I don’t want her knowing I suspect anything.”

            “Of course, I won’t tell I promise.”

            “You know, you’re really easy to talk to.”


            “Maybe I can hear a story of yours? I would love to know more about Ian.”

           “Felix! Jordan! There you two are.” Izzy said, running up to us.

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