The Five

Jordan was eight when she found out she had special abilities. Everyone was afraid of her. After eight years of her parents searching for help, they finally did. Jordan's sixteen years old when they send her off to a lab where she meets six people who are also searching for help. When one of the six turns out to be evil, the other five must stop her before she kills them all.


1. Ian

I woke up the next morning  to the sun shining through my window. I looked around to see I wasn't in my bedroom, then I remembered my parents dropping me off last night. I looked to my right to see my locket on my bed-stand. I grabbed it and through it in my closet that was across from my bed. How could they do this to me? Just leave me here? They don't even know these people and they just leave me here. I got up out of bed and went to my closet. It was a small room with a small closet, but that was okay seeing how I didn't have much stuff to bring. I picked out a black v-neck, black skinny jeans, and black Vans. I looked down to see my locket lying where I threw it. I picked it up and walked to my bathroom, which was on the right of my closet, and was about to throw it in the trash can when a knock cam from my door. I put my clothes and the locket on the floor and ran to go answer the door.

 "Yes?" I said opening the door. Standing there was Dr. Hartman. He had on a lab coat and a clipboard in his hands.

  "It's time for testing. Get dressed and walk down the hall till you get to room 105, I'll be waiting for you there." He told me.

  "Okay." I said. He then took off down the hall. I walked into the bathroom. I took a fifteen minute shower and then decided to get dressed. I picked up the lock it and put it around my neck. I decided to keep it, after all they are my parents. I looked into the mirror and decided I look decent. When I was finished I grabbed my key card and walked out the door. I turned right and looked for the room number 105. It was all the down the hall. When I got to it I knocked on the door.

  "Come in, Jordan." Dr. Hartman called out. I opened the door to find a room that looked like a psychiatrist's office. Dr. Hartman was sitting behind a small desk.

  "Please, Jordan, sit down." He said, pointing to the white chairs in front of the desk. I sat down on the chair closest to the door, I always feel safe next to an escape route.

  "First things first, let's talk about your problem. Or should I say, Ian, is it?" Dr. Hartman asked, looking up from his clipboard

 "Are you a shrink? Because I've been to at least five and none of them seemed to help." I told him. Maybe this wouldn't work. Maybe I actually could go home.

  "No I'm not a shrink. I study supernatural forces, and you seem to be associated with something supernatural." I looked at him. How did I know if I could trust this man? What if he just gave up like everyone else?

  "Please, Jordan. I'm only trying to help you." I sighed.

  "Ever since I could remember Ian has bee by my side. At first we hated each other. He would throw tantrums and break my toys and mess up my room. My parents thought it was just me and my imaginary friend but when I was seven, we became close. I don't know why, but we just did. He was always looking out for me. But he was to rough with the other children, especially the ones who would pick on me. My parents thought I was the one doing these all these things to the other children. Ian would apologize to me, I knew he was only trying to protect me. When I went into my teens I didn't really have any friends. I was the weird girl with the imaginary friend. My parents thought something was wrong with me. They took me to all sorts of places. Then they found this place. So now I'm here waiting for something to happen."

  "Sounds like you and Ian have quite a history together. So you talk to each other, like he was a normal person?"

  "Yes. All the time." Ian was my only friend. He was all I had.

  "Does he do what you say? Like, can you tell him to do something and he will go do it?"

  "Ian isn't like an animal, he's like a person. He does what he wants when he wants. He  only listens to me if I'm scared."

“Well it’s good that he looks out for you, but maybe what we can do is settle him down.” Dr. Hartman said, looking down at his clipboard.

“I don’t want him gone. I don’t want you to take Ian away from me.” I told him. I loved Ian like he was family. He’s been with me forever.

“That’s not what we are going to do, we are just simply going to make him calmer, so he doesn’t get mad to easily.”

“You promise, you promise you won’t take him away from me?” I asked.

“I promise you I won’t take him away from you.” He told me.

“I want you to meet some people today. They are other people like you, except the part with your friend.” He said. Other people, like me? I wonder what he was talking about, how could they be the same? He got up and motioned me to follow him. We walked out the door and into the hall. There was a room across from Dr. Hartman’s office that had the name Rocky printed across it. Dr. Hartman knocked on the door and a girl about my aged opened it up.

“Hi Kevin, what’s up?” She had long, wavy, brown hair and big blue eyes.

“Hi Rocky, I want to introduce you to Jordan. She’s going to be staying here for awhile.”

“Oh cool.” Rocky said with a big smile. Dr. Hartman’s phone beeped and he looked at it with a worried expression.

“Rocky, do you mind showing Jordan to the others? I need to go check on Cyr.”

“Yeah, no problem.” She said

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