Finally Wanted

Fight the pain. The emptiness. Why won't it go away? Molly is a 18 year old girl with
a complicated life. Her mother died and on top of the her dad abuses her. But when a boy comes in her life does he save her from all the bad things?


4. Where Am I?

Molly's POV. My eyes squint as the light peeks through the windows curtain. I raise up and rub my eyes as they adjust to my surroundings. Where am I. I take a look around and see it is not my bedroom. I tiptoe down a long hallway to find a kitchen. There was a curly brown headed boy hovering over a stove.

"Hello?" When I spoke he jumped and spun around. "Goodness you scared the hell out of me!" "Sorry," I spoke. "But how did I get here and who are you?" I asked confused. "Well my names Harry. Harry Styles. And i found you out on the sidewalk asleep last night so I brought you in. Oh and on the news last night a picture of you came up and said you were missing so I called the man and told him you were here." "What?!? No!! Please call him and tell him you've got the wrong girl!!!!" I pleaded but it was to late. He burst in and walked up to me and raised his fist about to hit me. But before her could harry slammed his fist into his jaw. Making my dad fall with a thump. I sobbed rocking on the floor at what I had just witnessed. Harry ran to me and cradled me in his arms and shushed me. "It will be alright. I promise. I won't let anything happen to you. Ever." I believed him and started to like being in his arms and go comfortable with it. Like I could stay there forever. About 30 minutes later the cops drove off with my dad in the back seat going to jail. He sat me down gently on the couch and wiped the tears from my cheek. "I am so so so sorry for calling him," his eyes started to tear up as he spoke. "It's ok its not your fault you didn't know," "but what if I wasn't able to stop him then he would have got you?!" Tears fell from his beautiful eyes onto his cheek. "But you did." I wiped the tears from his cheek and smiled which made him smile. He leaned in slowly letting are lips brush together gently . When they made full contact fireworks went off inside my body sending chills everywhere. I could stay like this forever.

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