Finally Wanted

Fight the pain. The emptiness. Why won't it go away? Molly is a 18 year old girl with
a complicated life. Her mother died and on top of the her dad abuses her. But when a boy comes in her life does he save her from all the bad things?


2. Part Two of Bruises

I quiver from the thought of all of it. I shake it from my head and let out a deep sigh as my dad calls loudly. As I entered the living room I see him waiting impatiently. I knew something bad was going to happen. "Sit," He says firmly. "Have you cleaned your room?" His eyes were glazed over and his breath smelt of alcohol. "Y-yes sir," my voice squeaked as he sat up. "Molly tell me the truth," His voice grew with anger. "But I a-" he cut me off with a slap to my face. "Don't talk back to me," He yelled loudly in my face. He stood up and bent down to face level with me. I turned my downwards not wanting to see him."Look at you. Ugly and worthless. Just like your mom," he laughed as he spit in my face and threw a punch to my ribs. Making me cave over with pain. Repeating his self he threw more punches to my ribs making me ache with pain. "Ple-please. Yo-ur hurting m-me" he laughed once more. "You think I care princess? Now go to your room!" He picked me up by my neck and slung me to the stairs. I landed with a hard bang to my head. I cried out in pain but finally managed to stand up. I limped up stairs to my bedroom and climbed in bed. I closed my eyes and imagined a better life. But there was no better life. I had to live this one. I rolled onto my side that didn't hurt and grabbed my new razor. I cried out when it sliced my wrist. My wrists are filled with scares and new cuts. I needed out of this hell hole. So I made a plan to escape without my dad knowing. I packed my bags and waited for the right time. I sure hope this works.

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