i need you justin..

Shay is a 17 year old from Oklahoma. Justin Bieber is her bestfriend , & he is 19. love isn't all ways paradise...


21. love song & tears

when I woke up justin was really jumpy.


justin: get up sweety! I have a suprise for you!

I moaned.

justin: come on!

we went to the basement. their were Christmas lights hanging all over the walls. the lights were dimmed.

we slow danced as justin played a slow song.

then a little later justin walked over to the corner & picked up a guitar.

he sang the acoustic version of 'Fall' to me. I blushed.

justin: awe your so cute when you blush.

I ran over & kissed him& he picked me up & spun me around.

"your the best"

justin: I try

he winked & gave me a smirk & I giggled as he kissed me again. we layed down & watched movies. he teased me saying I was certain movie characters & then he would mimic some of the characters.

our beautiful day was interrupted when scooter called.

justin seemed sad. I asked him what was wrong.

justin: scooter isn't gonna be on tour with me this upcoming fall. he's to busy for me with other artists. he said he'll only be able to visit at little times.

"justin it's okay I promise"


"I'm not abandoning you?"

his tears streamed down his face & the anger built in his eyes. he ran upstairs & into our room & shut the door. I stood in the basement & I didn't know what to do. I had a mini panic attack & I heard a slam. I ran up stairs to see justin on his knees bawling & I saw his phone had been thrown at the wall because there was a small indent in the wall & his phone was on the floor below it. I walked to him.


I felt the tears start going down my face also. i hated seeing justin cry.

he pulled me into his arms & cried into my shoulder as I cried into his. the tears lasted awhile.

I stood up & grabbed his hand & walked him to the bed. he laid down & I laid next to him. he played with my fingers.

"I love you."

justin: I love you too baby.

I kissed his forehead & turned on a movie. justin kept playing with my fingers. I sat up & faced him. he lifted both his hands & I put mine up to his.

"you got big enough hands there justin?" I laughed & he laughed along.

I intertwined his with fingers with mine & he started doing that airplane thing you do with little kids to me. I laughed & he laughed too.

justin: your laugh is so adorable.

"I hate my laugh"


I giggled & covered my mouth so he couldn't hear it.

justin: shay!

he pulled my hands from my mouth & kissed me. then he tickled me.

"your so sneaky justin" I laughed.

justin: hey , I just wanted to hear that cute laugh of yours.

he winked.

we hung out for awhile & then went to sleep.

I could do this forever.


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