i need you justin..

Shay is a 17 year old from Oklahoma. Justin Bieber is her bestfriend , & he is 19. love isn't all ways paradise...


4. Lets go for a walk.

i smiled & lifted my head.


Justin: "There it is!" he laughed. i giggled back at him.



Jake, Jake's girlfriend Lauren, Justin, & I hungout for a while.


Me & Justin felt awkward. Considering we aren't together like Jake & lauren.


Justin: "Do you wanna go for a walk?"


"Sure! that will be better than watching Jake & Lauren makeout for hours."


we both laughed, told them what we were doing, & left. Of course Justin & i wore hoodies with the hoods on. It may be Oklahoma, but their are beliebers here, & anytime justins in Oklahoma they do as much as they can to meet him since he doesnt come here often.


We went to a rather quiet park, so we could have privacy. We were walking, & i felt a tap on my shoulder from Justin. i gave him a confused look.


"yes Justin?"


Justin: "shay, i don't know if you know this or not, but i like you, a lot. I wanted to tell you before the tour, but i got so nervous, i felt so bad cause i didn't tell you. then i saw you today, you look so beautiful. & when i looked into your eyes, the feelings, they-they came back. you may not feel this way, but i do, & i-"


i cupped the sides of his face & kissed him. he kissed back. his eyes lit up.


Justin: "will you be my girlfriend?" he smiled.


"yes, i thought you'd never ask." i giggled.


he laughed. he pulled my waist closer to me & hugged me. i rested my head on his chest. He kissed my forehead. We began walking again. Justin held onto my hand. He would sometimes pull me closer to him & kiss me. He made jokes & i laughed.


"Justin, my legs are tired. lets walk home."


Justin: " Awe, does someone need a piggy back ride?" he laughed & gave me a baby face.


" HA, never said that! i said lets walk home!"


Justin: "well im caring you, so hop on."


He leaned down so i could jump on his back. he grunted & lifted me higher on his back.


"Awe am i too heavy for you mister?"  i game him a grin.


he laughed & said no.


Justin kept his arms around my legs so i wouldn't fall, & he would occasionally turn his head asking for a kiss..


"Justin, is this a dream or reality?"


he laughed. "This is reality, princess."


i was in shock. i cant believe im actually dating my bestfriend.





sorry its not that good :) i try. ill get better, i promise.

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