i need you justin..

Shay is a 17 year old from Oklahoma. Justin Bieber is her bestfriend , & he is 19. love isn't all ways paradise...


3. Hello Justin...

I heard Jake open the door. Then i heard a familiar voice go "HEYYY! Long time no see bro! Wheres your sister?!"


I walked downstairs to come across this amazing brown eyed boy, my bestfriend Justin.


Justin: "SHAYYY!"


I smiled as i looked at my feet as i walked down the stairs.


I felt arms pick me up off of the second to last step & throw me over their shoulder.


"JUSTIN! PUT ME DOWN!" i giggled in between each word. He laughed.


he walked over to the couch & sat me down.


Justin: "so how have you been, shay-shay?" I laughed. Shay-shay has been a nickname of mine for a while, but Justin just does it to irritate me. He giggled.


"pretty good. hows tour life?"


Justin: "fun. i love seeing beliebers.. but the bus & planes can get lonely even though theres thousands of beliebers outside.. haha... soo anyway, are you still as tickilish as i remember?" he winked..





too late. he already was tickling my stomach. i was laughing so hard


" J-j-justi-n-n, st-o-ooop!" that was so hard to say cause i was laughing so much."



He slowly stopped. He just gazed at me. He was just staring into my eyes, and i just stared back. In that moment, i felt something. I knew i had feelings for Justin.. just not like this?


he smiled.




Justin: "I just remembered how beautiful you are."


i blushed. i put my face in my hands. my face was so red. i didn't want Justin to see me blushing like this.


Justin: "Shay, let me see that beautiful little face of yours."

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