i need you justin..

Shay is a 17 year old from Oklahoma. Justin Bieber is her bestfriend , & he is 19. love isn't all ways paradise...


9. Dad time.

I woke up to see justin wasn't there. I looked at the counter & noticed a vase full of flowers.

there was a note. it said :

"Goodmorning sweetheart. Your mom wanted to get to spend the day with me . Sorry I wasn't there to wake up with you , didn't want to disturb you as you slept. by the way , your so cute when you sleep (; . much love , justin ."

I walked over to the couch & picked up my phone. I was gonna get on twitter when I noticed I had 4 texts. 1 from my dad , 1 from my mom , & two from justin.

From: daddy <3

shay, I had to go to work today. last minute schedule. I will be back by 1:30 & then we can play video games! love u

from : Momma dear <3

I'm with justin today. Jake & Lauren went out to the movies.

from: justin my love <3(:

shay , I'm hoping you found my gift & note (; . I'll be back later , with your mom as you probably read. i love you so so much princess.


text me when you're awake beautiful .

I texted him:

hey justin , I'm awake now . I miss you too baby . have fun , I love you so much . xoxo <3

my dad got home about 2 & we played video games . I love spending time with him , he's so fun .

dad: so , justin? does he treat you right ?

"absolutely daddy , trust me , he's super sweet ."

I could see the concern in his face . it was odd , he's always loved justin , since justin & jake were little . but now he worries about him ?

dad: so when did this all happen ?

"about 4 days after you left , Jake told me he was coming , & justin came that day . then that night he asked me to be his girlfriend."

dad: oh well I'm happy for you , I'm just concerned after what happened with Taylor...

"trust me daddy , he's NOTHING like taylor.."

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