My heart beats for you

When Isabella first meets Harry,Harry suddenly falls into a deep love for her. Not to mention, Zayn falling in love with Isabella also. But who will Isabella fall head over heels for?. comment if you want to be my best friends in the story! competion ends 11-23-13 (only up to three people) comment what boy you want! (Cant have zayn. sorry) :)


1. Meeting him!

*If i made this already this,please relize that it is the same person who made it* Isabella's p.o.v I wake up to the sound of my phone going off like crazy! All i hear is...Under the lights tonight you turned around and you stole my heart! Looks like i have a text from my bff!!! She wants me to go to the mall with her. I really dont mind. It's not like i have to do anything today. So i brush my teeth,wash my face and get in the shower. i put on a Blue top that say,"Don't even dare". I also put on some Capris and converses and im out! Omg! i almost forgot my glasses! I cant see with out them!!!. Now that im all dressed,I go to river oaks mall! "Hey" i say with excitement! "whats the matter? you look like your boyfriend broke up with you!" i say "Thats because maybe he did!!!" she says breaking down in tears. "C'mon! lets shop! that ought to cheer you up!!!" We searched and searched until this dress caught my eye! "Oh My Godfather!!!! look at this blue flower dress!" i say! "well hurry up and get it!" she says I grabbed the dress,noticing it wont come off. the hangerline. "Heyy!!! what the-" some person shoots a glare at me. "Hey! i had the dress first! Give it!!" she says "Excuse me? It clearly doesnt say your name!!" i snapped. "Belll. you creating a scene!!" my bff says! "I do not care i want the dress!" i snap "Ladies,Ladies settle down now!" a curly haired boy
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