Dirty Little Secret

Amethyst Irwin. Ashton Iwrin's little sister. The one the boys never met because she was in juvi. She got out when Ashton and his band went on tour with one Direction. Now that the tour is over; Ashton has no choice but to introduce the boys to his sister.


2. Behave.

Tell me all that you've thrown away
Find out games you don't wanna play
You are the only one that needs to know


I followed Ashton up the stairs and went to my room, getting looks as I passed his open door. I walked into my room and changed into sweatpants and a sports bra. It was really hot in here.


"Amethyst, I'm going grocery shopping. Do you want to come?" My mom asked, peeking her head in my room.


"No thanks." I shrugged, not looking up from my phone.


"Alright, behave for your brother and his friends." She said.


"Okay. Leave the door open!" I yelled as she went to close it, "Thank youuuu." I smiled and she shook her head laughing. 


"Aaaamyyyyyyy!" Ashton yelled when I heard mom's car pull out of the driveway.


"Whaaaaaatyyyyyy?!" I yelled back.


"Come here!" He yelled. I sighed and walked to his room. When I walked in his friends jaws dropped like a rock. I giggled to my self as Ashton rolled his eyes.


"What do you want for dinner, we can't decide." Ashton said.


"Close your mouths, you'll catch flies." I smiled, feeling my dimples dent my cheeks. 


"How about you put a shirt on?" Ashton asked.


"How about no." I said, "It's hot in this house."


"So what do you want to eat?" Ashton asked me.


"Hm.." I thought for a minute, "I want Macca's!"


"Alright." Ashton nodded.


"By the way, I can't leave the house." I smiled wide at him.


"Why not?" He asked.


"It's past ten o'clock. Which is my curfew. And I can't leave the house, cause if I do I go to detention for two weeks." I said.


"Right..." He paused, "Luke will stay and watch you while Calum, Michael, and I get din-din."


"Okay." I smiled at Luke.


"Why does Luke get to stay?" Michael whined.


"Cause I can trust that he won't try to get with my sister." Ashton said, causing Calum to burst into laughter. Ashton pulled Calum and Michael out of his room, "Remember what we talked about." Ashton said to me.


"I'll try not to forget." I smirked. Ashton pulled them down the stairs and out of the house. I walked over to Luke and sat next to him. "So, what are we gonna do while they're gone?" I asked.


"Doesn't matter." Luke shrugged.


"Come with me. I need you to help me." I said pulling him down the stairs and into the kitchen and pointed to a cabinet. 


"That's a cabinet." Luke said.


"I know that, smart ass." I rolled my eyes, "There's stuff to make juice in there, but i can't reach it. And your nice and tall. So get for me." 


"Aren't I the one whose supposed to be telling you what to do?" He asked.


"Pretty pretty please?" I asked, giving him a cheeky smile.


"Fine, but only cause your cute." He winked and got the juice mix for me.


"Thank you." I pecked his cheek, "Shit!" I stomped my foot on the ground.


"What?" He asked.


"I pinky promised Ashton I wouldn't kiss any of you." I frowned.


"It's okay, I won't tell." He smiled.


"Promise?" I asked.


"I pinky promise." Luke laughed, and locked his pinky with mine.


"That means you can't go rub it in Calum and Michael's face either." I smiled at him.


"Dammit." Luke frowned. I grabbed my phone off the counter and played 'I Wish' by Emblem3 and made the juice.


"So are you guys done touring or what?" I asked, sitting on the counter so I was the same height as he was.


"Yup." He nodded.


"Ya know, you look really familiar." I said.


"Wish I could say the same about you." Luke smiled.


"Ooh, I know! You dated Alisha!" I said and poked his cheeks.


"Oh, and you were her hot friend that she was always hanging out with." Luke nodded, "You look a lot different now. But your still hot." Luke added. 


"You didn't have this thing though." I poked his lip piercing.


"You got any piercings?" He asked.


"I have my ears, belly button, and my arms." I said.


"Did that hurt?" he asked, pointing to my arm.


"A little bit." I shrugged.


"So, why'd you go to jail?" He asked.


"Me and my friend got in trouble." I said.


"For what?" He asked.


"Stuff." I smiled and 'Spaghetti' started blaring out of my phone. 


"So you gotta boyfriend?" He asked.


"Well your a boy that's my friend. Does that count?" I giggled.


"I don't know, did Ashton say anything about you dating us?" Luke asked.


"He said no touching, kissing, hugging, or sex." I said, "But I think that is all counted as dating." 


"True.." Luke nodded.


"Can you get me some juice?" I asked. 


"What do I get if you get juice?" He asked.


"Hm... You can get a kiss." I smiled.


"What about your promise?"


"I already broke it." I shrugged and kissed his lips. He smiled and got me a glass of juice.

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