Black Hearts (bxb) [Short Story]

It was the year 2055 and the few remaining people on Earth were still fighting to take back the planet from the undead. The ones who brought back these beings from the dead were Angels. Their reasons for this massacre, that's lasted for decades, was to punish the humans for all the wrong they've done. Killing each others, polluting the Earth, all the violence in the world. There was no end to it all, none. The Angels were sent in to punish us from the Almighty Man himself. No, and's, if's or but's about it. 'He' sent them down right after World War III in 2015 was about to end. The Humans never saw it coming, they were warned plenty of times. But of course we never payed attention or ever thought of them as warnings for the worse, just a reason to cause more violence and destruction of the World. So I guess in a way, the Almighty Man made it worse for everyone, instead of warning us he just screwed himself up.


3. The Team pt.1

We teleport into the briefing room down the hallway and sets me down in a chair. Joan and Jet walk into the room as well. They sit across from us smiling and waving at us. 

"Hey Brian, how are you two doing?" Jet asks looking at me with a goofy smile. I giggle. "We are pretty good. How are you two, you guys ready to go?"

"Hell yea we are! We wanna kick some ass already! I'm tired of being in here, I want some action!" Joan yells bolting up knocking down her chair. Brian and I laugh.

The Director walks into the front of the room, with beads of sweat dripping down his forehead. Wiping them away with his rag, he shoves it down his jacket pocket.

"Hello how are you all?" We all nod our heads, Joan picks up her chair and sits down in it. "I'm going to make this quick so you can be on your way. You four and some others will be sent to Europe to go and help fight against an enemy that will attack that country in a couple weeks. I want you all to be prepared for the worst, we still don't know what will be attacking yet. But what we do know is that it will be the biggest and worst enemy to hit Earth in decades. While you all are fending it off, we are going to send fighters and Black Hearts to Heaven to destroy it once and for all. You will travel to the Eastern Side and take a submarine to Europe and then get to the Facility and wait there for the attack. Any questions?"

We all look at each other then Jet raises his hand. "Yes Jet."

He stands up, "Mr. Director I have two questions. How many fighters will be going with us?"

"We will be sending about 5 with you. And you can choose who you want to go. They are waiting for you on the training grounds. I highly suggest you bring those Red Hearts with abilities. Next question." Jet looks at his sister and she nods her head. "What will happen when we destroy Heaven?"

The Director adjusts his tie. "We don't know for certain, but whatever happens its better than living life the way it is now. Don't you agree?" We all nod our heads. "Right. Now you can go down to the training field to pick out your team. You will leave tomorrow night. Your dismissed, and good luck." The Director nods his head at us and walks out of the room quickly. 

We stay sitting their in silence then Jet stands up and smiles, "Lets go. Lets not waste time, lets go get a team!" He jumps into the air smiling and starts dancing his way out the door.

Joan shakes her head and gets up. "C'mon chumps. Brian can you teleport us down there?" He smiles and we both get up. Joan slide's over the table and grabs his shoulder, Brian wrap's an arm around my waist. 

He teleports us in the middle of the field.

We see about 20 fighters already in lines against the wall. They see us and they straighten themselves up. We walk over to them and stand within a couple feet away from them. Jet bursts through the door on the other side of the field and rushes to us. "You shitheads! You guys could have told me you were going to teleport!" As he gets to us he punches Brian's arm. Joan and I chuckle.

Brian looks at Jet and growls at him. Tackling Jet to the ground they start rolling around on the ground punching each other. We laugh even more and so do the fighters. As they continue to fight Joan and I stop laughing and stare at the fighters with a serious face to intimidate them and they immediately stop laughing.

"We are going on an important mission, and we have the choice to pick our team. We aren't going to promise you wont make it out alive, but I do promise you wont don't die in vein. If you choose to come with us you will automatically become a Red Heart. But if you don't want to go then you may leave the ground's. We wont think badly of you. So now's your chance." Joan speaks to them with power and command in her voice.

None of the fighters move, they all keep still. "Okay then, you had your chance. But if we choose you, you can't back down. Understood?" They all nod there heads and stay still with their hands behind there backs.

Brian and Jet stop rolling on the ground and start using their abilities on each other. Brian kicks Jet off of him and gets up. Jet makes a sphere of water in his hand and throws it at Brian. He smiles and dodges it, and throws a ball of fire back to him.

Jet jumps into the air and slam's his hands together then from out from underneath him a Dragon made of pure water crashes through the Earth sending chunks of rock in every direction. A couple pieces get flung to us, I quickly put up a shield around us.

It crashes against my shield and breaks the rocks into even smaller pieces. "Hey! Watch where your throwing you're rocks asshole!" Joan yells at Jet as my shield disintegrates.

Jet smiles and lands on the head of his dragon and starts hovering in the air over Brian. I look away from them as does Joan and we start talking to the fighters again. "As I was saying, we are going to be picking out the team" Joan says.

"We are going to get the Jet and Brian, you all just wait here while we talk about who we want, just try not to get hit with any of the-" Suddenly a bolt of lightning hits me in the back flinging me to the wall face first. Sliding to the ground. I hear a gasp from the Fighters as I get on all fours and look at the ground. Drops of black blood begin dripping from my nose and forehead. I groan as I feel light headed and dizzy, Joan runs to me and crouches down next me. The Fighters jaws drop as they look at each other, to us, and then at the boys.

Joan helps me up and I can hear Jet and Brian laughing and yelling they were 'sorry' in the back. I rub my head and I feel liquid flowing down the side of my head. I touch it and I see the black blood on my fingers. "Shit, those assholes! You okay? You're bleeding." She says wiping away the blood off my head. She helps me up and the fighters run to the other end of the field in a corner and huddle their.

"You wanna go to the Nurse?" I shake my head slowly. "Instead lets kick some ass. What do you say?" Joan smiles evilly and nods her head. "Hell yeah!"

We look back and see Brian on the dragon with Jet, he has flowers in his hand. He jumps off the Dragon and lands on the ground and walks towards us slowly with Jet behind him. "Heeyy, I'm really sorry about that. I didn't mean to hit you. So I got you these flowers." He lifts them up to my face and I smile.


I take the flowers from him and I set them down on the ground. And I look back up at him and Jet, then I look at Joan who has an even bigger smile on her face.

"Now!" Joan yells and we charge at the boys as they start yelling and running away.

I use my Shield to put a wall in front of the boys and they jump over it swirling in the air, together they land smoothly on the Dragon and start hovering in the air. "Show offs!" I yell at them as they laugh. Joan stands next to me and we look at each other and nod our heads.

We both dash for the dragon, Jet yells at the Dragon. "Aztec! Go!" Aztec the Dragon rest its head back and opens its mouth. It jerks its head back down and shoots out a powerful pressure of water at us. Joan jumps to the side as I put up my force field. It hits my shield and I stumble back a few steps, but still keeping my shield up. My shield starts cracking, I look at Joan who is just watching from the tree.

"Go Joan!" I yell at her and she smiles.

Joan jumps out of the tree and lunges for the dragon. Brian forms a fire ball in his hand and throws it at Joan. She sticks her arms out and opens up her hands. A strike of lightning exits her hands and destroys the fire ball.

The dragon closes it mouth and looks at Joan, she claps her hands together. Dark grey clouds start to form from above us, covering the cement ceiling.

Jet and Brian both look up and hear lightning and thunder. Their eyes widen when lightning starts to strike Aztec, it shrieks and then starts shooting ice shard's at the clouds. Joan lands on the ground a couple feet from me and we both charge for the dragon. The lightning continues to strike the dragon and the guys.

My bow and arrow forms in my hands and I start shooting it at the dragons head. Joan flexes her hand and lightning begins to circle her hand and then covers it completely. Joan laugh's as the lightning in her hand begin's sparking.

My arrows successfully hits the dragon and it shrieks even more, while still shooting ice at the clouds. Brian notices us running to them, he puts both hands out in front of him and a small green ball appears. It begins to rotate getting bigger and bigger until it was the size of a basketball. He starts shooting the green spheres at us. We jump and dive our way from getting hit.

Behind us we hear the crashing noises and loud BOOMs and explosions as the spheres collide with the wall. Jet too sees us and lifts his hand above his head and a flat circle the shape of a ninja star starts circling and gets bigger and bigger. He does the same with the other hand and forms another Ice ninja star. He starts to throw them towards us while Brian continues to shoot the green spheres at us. Joan leap's into the air and soars into the clouds.

I put up a shield as I continue to run towards them, the impact of the each hit pushes me back a little. I start to hold my arrows to power them, the different colors it changes the more powerful the arrow. The highest color I can get is Black, the lowest is Blue. I'm already on red which is halfway.

I shoot the arrow and it soars at light speed and hits Aztec.

The dragon roars and explodes sending Jet and Brian falling to the ground. Brian grabs hold of Jet and teleports them to the ground. Which is where I already am. They pop in front of me as I'm about to throw the first punch, as soon as Brian notices my fist its too late.

I punch him on the side of his face and he soars through the air hitting the wall with a loud crash making a fog of dirt and dust form around him and he collapses to the ground. Did I forget to mention I have super strength? Oop's. 

Jet forms water around his hands and starts swinging at me. I dodge them left and right, until Joan shoots a lightning bolt down in between us and sends us both flying back landing on our sides. I open my eyes and see Joan falling from the sky fast with her right hand enveloped in lightning aiming for Jet.

Jet and I both stand up, and I immediately dash for him.

He sees both of us coming for him and deviously smiles, he flex's his hands. Water and Ice start to form around his hand crystallizing it. He swings at Joan right before she jab's him, they're fists connecting. Time slow's down as they are both are enveloped in a purple sphere, the sphere gets bigger and bigger. I stop running and hesitate only to get stuck in the sphere. Jet and Joan look into each others eyes, both trying to hold out. But they both are too equal.

The purple sphere subsides into both of their hands and it explodes sending all three of us hurling back. Jet jerks back and hits a tree, crashing through it and soaring towards the group of fighters still in the corner. He hits them all making another explosion of rocks and ground breaking apart, a fog of dirt covering them all.

Joan soar's upwards toward's the ceiling of the field dispersing the clouds, making an indent she falls back down with some chunks of rock. Hitting the ground making a wave of dirt crashing back onto her.

Before I was hit with the explosion I jumped into the air to evade it, but when I got hit with the impact I got thrown back into the ground bounced back up then hit with another wave of pressure and got flung back to the ground crashing through it. Making dirt explode into the air as I rolled uncontrollably  then ramming my back against a tree having all the air knocked out of me. Blacking out. 

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