Black Hearts (bxb) [Short Story]

It was the year 2055 and the few remaining people on Earth were still fighting to take back the planet from the undead. The ones who brought back these beings from the dead were Angels. Their reasons for this massacre, that's lasted for decades, was to punish the humans for all the wrong they've done. Killing each others, polluting the Earth, all the violence in the world. There was no end to it all, none. The Angels were sent in to punish us from the Almighty Man himself. No, and's, if's or but's about it. 'He' sent them down right after World War III in 2015 was about to end. The Humans never saw it coming, they were warned plenty of times. But of course we never payed attention or ever thought of them as warnings for the worse, just a reason to cause more violence and destruction of the World. So I guess in a way, the Almighty Man made it worse for everyone, instead of warning us he just screwed himself up.



After the assault we kept on moving and followed the tracks to the port.


"The water looks so dirty and nasty. Jet are you really going to swim in that?" Zalez ask. Joan gives Jet a big smile, he yet again flicks her off. Everyone giggles. "Yeah, and only because I have my water abilities. I can breathe under water for a long period of time." Jet replies back. Lana frowns, "Wait are their any predators in the water?" We all look at Jet. He starts to think, "You know, I actually never thought about looking up or asking the ducks about it. I guess I wont know till I get in." He says smiling.

We follow the tracks alongside the Ocean Beach. After about an hour walking we finally get to the port. "I don't feel any of the undead, or Angels. Its safe." Joan tells us as we draw closer to the harbor. "Look their are some boats still here. They look like they can still drive. Can we go check them out?" Redrick ask. Brian nods his head. Redrick and Rai run to the boat in the water.

We keep walking to the edge of the harbor and a rotten smell devours our noses. I start gagging at the stench and so does everyone else. I put up a shield around us and the stench detours around us. "That water smells disgusting. Jet can you handle it?" Charel asks Jet, and again everyone looks at him.

"I don't think I can. I might need this shield with me as I go down." Jet says looking at me, then Brian looks at me confused. Then his eyes open wide, "No way! He is not going down there with you! Hes staying up here with me, I'm not letting him get hurt!" Brian says pointing at me then at Jet.

"I need him, I wont be able to stand the smell. Please Brian, I wont let him get hurt. I promise." Jet pleads to Brian, but he shakes his head. I'm starting to get annoyed with all this.

"C'mon Jet! Lets go get the damn thing." I say standing over the edge, looking down at my reflection in the water.

Brian looks at me like I'm crazy. "Wait up! You are not going down there, who knows whats down there!" Brian grabs my arm. "Brian you can't protect me from everything. Just give me a chance, besides you didn't even ask me if I wanted to or not." I yell at him through clenched teeth. 

He frowns at me. Then he looks at Jet, "You better not let anything bad happen to him. Or I will beat you to death, understood?" Brian threatens Jet. "I promise bro, I wont let anything bad happen to him." Jet looks at me and smiles weakly. "You ready?" I nod my head.

Jet walks to the edge next to me, "I'll be waiting up here. If anything happen's, come back up!" I nod my head.

Joan winks at me, the others nod at me. I hear Brian cough hard, I look at him as he gives Jet a look of warning. We put our backs to them and I put up a shield around us. "You ready Jet?" He laughs nervously, we dive into the green water.

As soon as we dive into the ocean the green murky water presses against my shield and I can see clearly under water. I look over to my side and see Jet fascinated by the shield and how the water looks clear under somehow. "This is amazing! Its so clear and we can actually see ahead of us and I don't even smell the stench anymore." He looks at me and smiles a big smile.

As I guide my shield through the water smoothly and majestically we look around our surroundings and see many corpses at the bottom of the sea. Some parts of the bodies floating up or just hovering in place. "Wheres the submarine Jet?" I ask him and he scrunches up his face, "They said it would be here. But I don't see it anywhere. Strange." I look around and don't notice any dangers. I puff a sigh of relief and as does Jet. "Do you think any of the creatures down here fed on the undead?"

He shrugs his shoulders, "I don't know to tell you the truth, maybe, maybe not. But I really don't wanna find out. We should keep swimming around till we find something." He says to me squeezing my hand.

As we continue to dive around the sea, I start to feel uneasy as we go farther away from shore. "I don't think we should go so far away Jet. We don't know what we might find out here." He nods his head, "I think your right. I'm not getting a good feeling either about drifting farther away. Lets go back." As I glide ourselves in a circle to go back I notice something in the distance. A black fish shape figure. "Jet do you see that?" I point in the direction of the figure and he leans in for a closer look.

He smiles brightly and yells, "That's it! That's our ride! Lets go get its attention!" I smile and start gliding ourselves to the figure. As I get closer we start to see the submarine fully. Jet starts waving his hands to get their attention, but the submarine doesn't stop or even slow down. "What are they doing?" Jet ask. "I don't know, but we need to slow it down. Jet I'm going to form a shield around your entire body it's going to be like a second layer of skin and I'm going to need you to swim and try to get its attention or something."

He gives me a look. "And what are you going to do?" I smile at him. "I'm going to use my strength to slow it down. I'm going to grab it by the tail and pull it to a stop, or at least try to." He shakes his head, "No! I told Brian that I would keep you safe."

He tightens his grip on my hands, and I smile. "Jet I'm the one with the shield powers, now go."

"No wait!"

But before he could do anything else I form a skin shield around us both and shove him on top of the submarine, I swim to the tail of the submarine.

I form a blue aura around my fist and grab hold of the tail of the ship. When I grab hold of it, it drags me along with it until I start pulling myself back. I see Jet above the ship forming huge hands out of the water and grabbing hold of the ship as well. He and I start to pull with all our might and the submarine steadies to a halt.

I look over at Jet, he looks at me and nods, we both swim to the hatch on top of the ship. I put a shield over the hatch so no water goes in. I go through the shield and open the hatch and jump through, Jet does the same and closes the door. I disintegrate all the shields.

As my eyes adjust to the lightly dimmed red lights I see water swooshing back and forth on the ground. Jet starts walking on the water as I walk through it."Hello! Anyone here?!" Jet call's out, but no reply. We walk through the hallways and as we turn a corner the smell of death awaits yet again. I cover my nose and Jet covers his with his arms.

I shine my aura in the hallway and see dead bodies scattered all over the hallway floor. Blood swooshing back and forth against the walls. 'What the hell happened here?" I ask. 

"I don't know, but I don't think anyone survived. Should we check the cockpit?" I look at him, "You think we should. I mean we can scan the whole ship for any heartbeats."

"Do it." I nod my head and the aura around my hand brightens and I feel myself soaring throughout the entire ship

Then as I'm about to finish, I feel two heartbeats beating fast. One male and the other female. "Jet, I can feel two of them. Both genders." He looks at me. "Where?" He asks me. "In the cockpit, both of their hearts are beating at a rapid pace, they are scared." He nods his head. "Follow me." He says and I do so.

After many turns and much running we finally make it to the cockpit. Jet opens the door slowly and a bright red light shines through the door way. We both cover our eyes, after my eyes adjust again the sight I see is shocking. Before our eyes we see an actual dragon. An under water dragon to be correct. It looks at us and we stop in our tracks. We look around the room and see the two humans in the corner with weapons in their hands. I cant tell whether they're humans or Black Hearts. The Dragon looks us in the eyes and we could see the evil inside of it. Its jaws open wide at us and we see its teeth drenched in blood. We look at its claws and see them too covered in blood and flesh bits on them.

The dragon walks to us and snaps its jaws.

The dragon notices our aura and smiles, blood dripping from its mouth. I shudder and Jet puts his arm in front of me. "I want you to get the survivor's and take them up, I'll distract it." I smack his arm away from him. "And what the hell are you thinking, you cant take it on alone. No way! I will put up a shield around them and they can float up. But I'm staying down here and helping, now shut the hell up."

Jet looks back at me and shakes his head, "Your so hard headed. How does Brian do it?" Ass.Hole.

"Thanks you freaking jerk." He chuckles. Then as we managed to distract ourselves, the dragons tail whips Jet to the side and he hits the wall. Making the whole ship shake and rattle, the tail winds around my body and pulls me towards it. The dragon opens its mouth and I can see a light in the back of its throat. Wait, that's fire! Its going to burn me!

Jet notices too and rushes to my aid, he tackles the dragon to the ground and freezes its legs and arms to the ground. The dragon starts roaring and violently trying to shake itself free. Its tail starts smacking against the ground causing the ship to shake and rattle even more.

"Get over here!" I yell at the two people staring at us in the corner, they rush over behind me and I put up a shield over them. "I'm going to send you guys out in the water and I want you both to swim to shore, their are more of us up there! Don't stray away from each other! Got it!?" They both look at each other and shake their heads yes. "Now go and open up the hatch and swim!"

The woman opens her mouth, "But what about you guys?" She says pointing at me and Jet. "We'll be fine now go! Hurry before its too late! Please! We don't have much time to give you guys! Go!" The woman hesitates then the man pulls her by the arm, "C'mon they are Black Hearts. We are safe now, they got it from here. We are just in the way." He says pulling her down the hallway. She looks back at us as they go around the corner. I turn back around and the Dragon continues roaring and moving around violently.

"It needs to shut up! We might stir up trouble or something! What do we do?!" I yell at Jet, who can barely hear me over the roars. "We need to kill it!" I nod my head. He forms water around his hand in the shape of a blade and freezes it. "Hurry Jet!" He shakes his head and dives his hand straight through the dragons heart. The dragons roars start to die down and then suddenly it stops moving. Jet takes his blood soaked hand out and breaks off the ice. We look at each other and breathe a sigh of relief.

I for some reason look out the small circular window and see an eye...Wait what?! "Jet what is that!?" I yell pointing at the window, he looks at the window and his mouth drops to the ground. "Oh shit! We need to get out of here!"

He frowns at me, "That's the Mother!" I look back at the eye and its gone, suddenly a loud roar break's the silence. It shakes and rattles the ship, bolts start coming undone from the walls and water starts to leak through.

We turn to the hallway and we see a blast of the murky water explode through the hallway and heads straight towards us. "Shit!" We both yell at the same time. As I'm about to cover ourselves in a shield the water comes at us too fast and devours us. As I try and keep my breath I look around and see Jet fine. He swims to me fast and grabs me by the hand and swims up to the ceiling. The dragons blood mixes in with the water as it starts to get even more murky. We make it to the ceiling, with very little space to breathe. "Can you hold your breath for a long time!?" Jet asks me. "I don't know! I need to put a shield around me!" As I finish the loud roar burst through the water and the ship starts rotating. I start to feel woozy as the ship and everything starts swaying in every direction. "The fucking Dragon must be huge!" Jet yells talking in the water.

He swims to me and grabs hold of me, I start to put my hands over my throat. I'm starting to loose oxygen. I motion this to Jet and his eyes widen with fear. "Don't die! I said I would protect you and keep you safe!" He says putting his lips to mine and giving me oxygen. I inhale his air.

The ship stops moving and we start to swim out the cockpit, then from behind us the wall gets stripped off, we look back and see the Giant Dragons wide mouth open. It looks down at the, baby dragon, and then back at us. It looks straight into our eyes and roars, my ear drums start to explode. I see blood exiting my ears and Jet grabs hold me and swims past the dragon and up out of the water. As we swim past the dragon we see its full length, its enormous! Too big for any of us to handle. We need to get away from it and fast! I motion for Jet to let me go, but he doesn't budge. I give him the death glare and frighten him. He lets me go and I start to swim back to the dragon. "What are you doing?!" I look back at him and smile.

I swim onto the dragons back and I form a skin shield around my entire body. I start to breath again.

Jet swims next to me. The dragon feels us on it and looks back at us. It opens its mouth and we see a bright light in the back of its throat. "Oh shit! Jet! Get behind me!" He looks at me, then realizes what it is. The dragon shoots fire at us, I quickly put up a shield and the impact of the flames against my shield barely holds back. I stand their struggling, trying to hold it back. "Jet! Do something!" I struggle out my words to him. My shield starts to crack, Jet in flash swims past me and starts swim up towards the surface. "Jet? Jet!" I scream for him. "Jet!!" He stops and then looks back at me, he smiles and clasp's his ahdns together.

His water dragon emerges from out of nowhere and he grabs hold of it, only this time his dragon is much larger than the one on the field. "Aztec!" He yells at his water dragon.

He swims to the head of the dragon and starts shooting crystal spheres from his hands, as Aztec shoots a flow of some kind of blue aura at it. As it hits the head and neck of the dragon, the flames stop and it looks at Jet. I break my shield and I swim for them.

The Dragon swings its tail at Aztec and hits it towards the bottom of the sea. Jet flies off his dragon and then looks in the direction of the dragon to only see its mouth completely open and the flames shooting straight for him. "Jet!" I yell for him and I dash through the water as fast as I ever have and jump in front of him and put up my shield.

The impact was much greater this time and shoots me back a few feet colliding into Jet. He pushes me back and then I look up and see the tail getting swung down on us. I then cover us in a complete shield and the impact of the attack sends of flying towards the bottom of the sea. The tail crashes through my shield and sends me hurling to the bottom.

I open my eyes and see us floating down head first. I look above us and see the dragon swimming for us. I guess it isn't done with us till we're dead. "Jet! Wake up." I punch him and he opens up his eyes fast. He too looks above us and sees the Dragon. "What do we do now?" Jet asks. "We try and kill it on our own? But we cant let the others get hurt, so its up to us."

He smirks, "But how do we kill it?" I look above us and see the dragon getting closer, "Everything dies, everything has a weakness right?" He nods his head, "But it's skin is like metal. How are we going to kill it?"

"We kill it from the inside."

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