You Are The Straw To My Berry

I'm not going on summer school becuse I'm bad in school. I'm going becuse it's fun. Actully I have the best grade in every class. On summer school you get new friends, who Also likes school. Becuse I, Amelia Keeton, promise I Will never be friends with a bad boy. But what do you say? Promises are made to be broken.


3. The warning


Finally saturday came. I had just get out from My last lesson as I got a text.

C ya 2nite.

Louis xx

Wonder where we're going? Are we going to be outside? I hope we're not going clubbing becuse I'm not that kind of girl. But I know Louis is that kind of... The badass type.


What I was planning was romantic. Not sexy and cool like that. Not like I used to be. Amelia is changing me a lot, in a good way.

I packed food and blankets in a bag and then I got ready. I'm going to wear a tee and chinos. I Also got a beanie and a hoodie that says: "Forever or never".

I walked to Fizzy's and Amelia's room and knocked on the door. It was Fizzy to open.

"Ok, listen up now Tommo. If you ruin this and breaks her heart i Will break YOU! Got that?" Fizzy said.


I heard a chuckle from behind me and I turned around.

"Thanks Fiz, but it's OK." Amelia said with a smile.

"Well, i'll leave you two lovebirds Alone. AND DONT TAKE HER HOME TO LATE, TOMLINSON!"


We got out to LOUIS'S car and got in. He looked at me and we leaned in for a kiss. It was passionate and full of love and lust. Louis seriosly was the best kisser in history.

"Let's go." Louis said with a kiss on My cheek.

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