You Are The Straw To My Berry

I'm not going on summer school becuse I'm bad in school. I'm going becuse it's fun. Actully I have the best grade in every class. On summer school you get new friends, who Also likes school. Becuse I, Amelia Keeton, promise I Will never be friends with a bad boy. But what do you say? Promises are made to be broken.


2. Summer school


I drove in on the parkinglot and got out of the car. I got My bag from the bagagespace and started to Walk to the big building.

"AMELIA! Hey!" I turned around and saw Ella, a girl I met on last year's summerschool.

"Elliiiiieeee!" I ran to Ella and gave her a big hug.

"Shall we go inside?" She said formly.

"Yes, we shall." I said and we both laughed.

Inside it was just like last year. A big poster said; " WELCOME TO SUMMERSCHOOL!" We got to the checking place.

"Hi! My name is Summary Woods and I work here. May I ask, have I seen you two before?" A blonde girl in the reception said.

"Yes! We both were here last year!" I said and gave her a smile. "We're Amelia and Ella."

"Oh, hi! Well, your room's on the second floor. And Amelia is sharing Rom with...." She scrolled her list down. "...Felicity Tomlinson, room number 147, and Ella with Reaha Black in 178."

"Thank you, Mrs. Woods!" I said.

"Call me Summary, please." She said with a smile.

I started unpacking My clothes and I fixed My bed. Today we was free to do whatever we wanted. Tomorrow to. That's becuse they want us to get know our roommates.

I changed into white shorts and a flowy tank top with flowers on it. I got My hair in a braid and checked me out. This was My style. Quite cute.

The door got opened. In came a girl with brown, wavy hair and a cute smile.

"Hi! I'm Felicity. I guess you're Amelia?" She said with a huge smile.

"Yeah, that should be me! So, tell me 'bout yourself." I said.

"Well I've got three sisters and one brother. Lottie, Daisy, Pheobe and Louis. Louis is actully here to. Oh, you two would make such a cute couple!" She said. I laughed.

"Well, I've never met him."

"I know! Come with me tonight! Me and Louis are going on dinner at 'Murphy's'! It's a restaurant in the city." She said and smiled.

"Yea, sure. I Don't have any plans."


I sat in the car and waited for Fizzy to Come. Finally I saw her together with a really cute girl. She had blonde hair and very Nice eyes. They both got in to the car.

"Hey Fiz, who's this?" I asked.

"This is Amelia Keeton. She's My roommate and best friend. I just told her that you two would make such a cute couple!" Fizzy said happily. I laughed a bit and Amelia blushed. Oh My god. She was awesomely cute when she Did it.

"So, what is this murphy thing?" Amelia said with her really cute voice.

"It's a place in the city where you make your own pizza. And trust me, when it's the Tommo's who's making the pizza, it is awesome!" I said and gave her a wink.

We had eaten up and payed the bill and Felicity was going to the bathroom before we leaved.

"So, Amelia, it was a pleasure to meet you. I would really like doing it again." I said looking in her eyes.

"Well, i enjoyed it to. We can do it again?" She said and smiled.

"Yeah, saturday? I'm taking you to a beautiful place.

"Wait, you mean just me and you?" She said with a pale face.

"Well, yeah. I like you, as- as more Than a friend." I said.

She smiled. Huge. "I would love to Louis!"

"Great! Can I have your number?" I said.

"Yeah!" She said and typed it in to My phone.

Felicity came and we got in to the car driving home.


I turned to pyjamas and got in to the bed. I thaught at Louis. He was cute, Nice and hot. I mean, he was really fit. My phone beeped.

Sweet dreams babe.

Louis, xxx

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