You Are The Straw To My Berry

I'm not going on summer school becuse I'm bad in school. I'm going becuse it's fun. Actully I have the best grade in every class. On summer school you get new friends, who Also likes school. Becuse I, Amelia Keeton, promise I Will never be friends with a bad boy. But what do you say? Promises are made to be broken.


4. Rain

We came to a park with a view of the sea. It was beautiful. The sun's going down. Louis kissed my neck from my back. The kisses started to be more "sucking" kisses and it ended with like licking on my neck. I chuckled. "Louis, come on. We have to eat now." I said. "But, Amelia!" He moaned. "Later Louis!" I laughed.

We sat down on the ground. I unpacked the things and saw millions of good stuff. Chocolate strawberries and more. I took a strawberrie and feeded Louis with it. "Mmm, this is so good!" He said. He bite on and kissed me so I got it in my mouth. Little disgustin but most cute.

"I love you Louis." I said with a smile.

"I love you to babe. Will you be my girlfriend?" He said.

"Yes! Of course." I said and kossed him passionate. He moved his lips to my neck and sucked it. I moaned in pleasure and started mess up his hair. I started unbotton his shirt and took it of. I kissed his toned stomage and up to his mouth again. He slipped my shirt of and kissed from my mouth down, over my chest where he stayed a bit and lower to my bellybutton. He licked it a while and then up to my mouth.

"Ugh, Amelia! You're making me hard." He said.

I laughed. Then it started raining. First just a little then more. I took his shirt and putted it on me while he ran with bare chest. He stopped and I did to. I turbed around and ge kissed me passionate. "I love you Louis!" I whispered.

"I love you to Ami." He said.

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