You Are The Straw To My Berry

I'm not going on summer school becuse I'm bad in school. I'm going becuse it's fun. Actully I have the best grade in every class. On summer school you get new friends, who Also likes school. Becuse I, Amelia Keeton, promise I Will never be friends with a bad boy. But what do you say? Promises are made to be broken.


1. information

Amelia Keeton

Very Cute, long straight blonde hair, tall, strawberrie lips, green eyes

17 years old

'Nerd' in school

Best student

Very friendly

From Wolverhampton

Lives in Doncaster

Louis Tomlinson

Looks like Louis)

18 years old

Bad boy

Hates school

Popular in school

From Doncaster

Lives in Doncaster

The movella is played in Doncaster at a summer school.

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