The Endless Hallway: A Poem

A poem based on a recurring nightmare when I was in fifth grade.


1. The Endless Hallway

A full moon illuminates the night
A little girl races onwards
She is suffering a terrible fright
In this school of horrors

The blood pounds with in her ears
With the intensity of a native drum
Her breath is quick and forceful
Behind her heavy thuds

The beast has fur as black as night
Claws as sharp as knives
Bloodred eyes watch her every move
It does nothing but take young lives

Empty classrooms and empty gyms
Shadows in every corner
Watching her run with unforgiving eyes
Letting her struggle with a chortle

Her curls are flying like a cape behind her
Her hands clenched into fists
Her short fingernails dig into her delicate skin
Leaving angry red marks on her wrists

The beast is getting closer
The walls are closing in
The doors begin to close
Trapping her within

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