Freak Of Nature

Nicole Williams has always been bullied. Why? No one knows she's just obviously different. One day the doctor diagnoses her as inhuman. Rare creature. Suddenly Nicole is able to control anything make you believe something is there when it's not. She's brought to a secret gonvernement facility to be tested on. when she escapes she decides to never let anyone hurt her again. She decides to change her name to Selena Gomez. She has everything you could ever want but the day she meets Zayn Malik her world crashes underneath her.She seems unable to manipulate him. Was her powers leaving or was he too inhuman?Soon everything seems to spiral apart.A best friend from the past has come back,but why? With the threatening notes,texts and secrets one can only call her a freak of nature.


50. Love Game



'How's my hair look?'I ask Emily. 'Fucked up as always  bitch!Haha' she says laughing.Hurt passes over me for second before He passes by.Wow.Such a hottie! I walk up to him.'Nice hair today Styles!I had fun last night'  'yeah ok' he replies as he walks back to Emily and kisses her on the lips.'Movies,tonight,8:00 I'll pick you up' he says smirking and walks away.'Told you not to sleep with him on the first date, but I don't mind if I go with him to the movies I need a hot make-out session' She says and kisses my cheek and walks away.That bitch!


Emily's P.O.V

'Did you kill her?'I ask with an attitude.'I didnt but i hired a paranormal that can!'Mystery Person says.'Her name is Brianna and she's really good at what she does, first she shoots them with an arrow but they turn into-' 'Shut up!I don't care how she did it!Now Cece can't spill my secrets or hers!'I say interrupting her, I mean only a crazy person who wants to live with the gory details of how someones sister was killed would listen to the rest of what she was saying.'Actually she ca-' 'Stop interrupting me and find a way to kill the others!'I scream.

Brianna's P.O.V

Now to catch the ghost and kill it's spirit....

Mystery Persons p.o.v

Kill all of them? I had only thought we were going to kill ****************** because they are the Chosen One in the prophecy. But all of them?Well Brianna is going to have to kill them because I didn't sign up for this.Well technically I didnt sign up I was forced,

Cece's P.O.V

Something is telling me I'm going to die,for real this time, very soon so I must tell them what I was supposed to.Now onto to telling them.....wait, OMFG I can't forget that so soon.Fuck all I  can remember is that it was important.Oh no!Why me?

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