Freak Of Nature

Nicole Williams has always been bullied. Why? No one knows she's just obviously different. One day the doctor diagnoses her as inhuman. Rare creature. Suddenly Nicole is able to control anything make you believe something is there when it's not. She's brought to a secret gonvernement facility to be tested on. when she escapes she decides to never let anyone hurt her again. She decides to change her name to Selena Gomez. She has everything you could ever want but the day she meets Zayn Malik her world crashes underneath her.She seems unable to manipulate him. Was her powers leaving or was he too inhuman?Soon everything seems to spiral apart.A best friend from the past has come back,but why? With the threatening notes,texts and secrets one can only call her a freak of nature.


6. Game On

                                                                   Arianna's P.O.V

Wow I can't believe I'm in a tourbus with One Direction!!!!!!!!!

                                                               Selena's P.O.V.

I wake up and realize that Zayn wasn't there.I decided that he was probably with the boys in the livingroom and got in the shower. I let the heat run over me and get out the shower. Something felt wrong but i ignored it and got dressed in this

I studied myself in the mirror and decided to put my hair like this

I thought I looked presentable so I walked out the room and into the hallway when I heard a giggle....a girl giggle and it wasnt me.I ran down the rest of the hallway and saw Arianna Grande sitting in Zayn's lap and he was feeding her chocolate strawberries. I gotta admit it sorta broke my heart.Two can play that game.       

I walked in there and sat on Harry's lap.This should be fun.'Hey cutie' I said, winking so he would play along. 'Hey babe,I missed you.' he replied.

                                               Zayn's P.O.V

What.Just.Happened. She wants to tango, we can tango! 'Selena meet Arianna, my girlfriend she will be on tour with us too I persuaded your manager to let me.'

                                         Harry's P.O.V

Selena came and sat on my lap as if this was normal for us, obviously she liked Zayn and wanted to get back at him but I was going to cherish this and make the most out of it. I kissed her neck and she moaned slightly. Cute.

                                                 Selena's P.O.V

And he said we wouldn't want to date anyone else! Harry's kinda cute and I adore his kisses but they didn't compare to Zayn's. UGGGHH REALLY I COULDN'T HAVE ONE CUTE THOUGHT WITHOUGHT ZAYN RUINING IT? I turned Harry's face towards me and gave him a short but sweet kiss, one that will leave him wanting more. I stood up and shook Arianna's hand. 'Hi, I'm Selena.' and smiled sweetly and then I bent down near Zayn's ear and whispered 'I'm not only a freak of nature but I'm a freak in bed.Game on.'

                                       AUTHOR'S NOTE

I really liked this chapter and for another chapter I need at least one comment on what you think will happen next.

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