Hate Me

After a shocking experience in his past, sixteen year old Christian Rothschild is left with twin babies: Clarice and Jacob - their mother Amber long out of the picture. Twenty-six year old art teacher Alex Archer is a divorcee left alone with his four year old Elijah. His life has long since been happy.
What happens when these two meet at a single parent's club? And even more, what happens with Christian goes home with Alex?
Can Alex get over his homophobia, and keep afloat with all he's got on his plate? And can Christian keep their relationship secret, when he is on the rise to fame?


1. Introduction

“That’s a nice drawing, Christian.”


“You’re welcome.”

Mr. Archer smiled down on me cheerfully. He was the new teaching assistant in my art class. He was twenty-one years old, back then, and I remember his light brown hair, and the shiny new wedding ring on his left hand that he seemed proud of. He always complimented our work in our classes, and when it wasn't as good, he gave advice on how to make things better.

I and my friend Cathleen thought he was fake, and that he patronised us. It wasn't until much later that we realised he wasn't that at all. That he really was out to help, instead of patronise and humiliate.

The thing that stuns me the most was that as I sat there, as an eleven year old, staring up into Mr. Archer's face, I had no idea of our interlocked future, or how much he would ever mean to me. How much we would go through together, and how much I would change because of him.

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