Don't Be Afraid

This is a fanfic about Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera. Based on their relationship at The Voice.


6. Chapter 6

The next day Adam woke up much earlier than he used to. He wanted to arrive the studio before Christina, he couldn’t waste any chance to be with her, or just see her.

He was the first to arrive the studio, right before CeeLo.

“Hey, Adam!” he said giving him a hug

“Hi Cee”

They grab their Starbucks and sat at the couches.

“So, how are things going with Christina?” CeeLo asked. Adam smiled slightly

“I talked to her…”


“Yes, I mean. It wasn’t properly a talk. She went to my trailer to grab some of her stuff and…” he stopped when he remembered her saying that she missed him.

“And?” CeeLo encouraged him to continue.

“She said she missed me” Both smiled

“I knew it…” CeeLo said “And then? What did you said?”

“I said that I missed her too, badly, and I told her how I was worried about her return… She remembered that she had promised it to me… And then…” He stopped again

CeeLo waited but not too long. “And then what?”

“We… we almost kissed” he said. CeeLo seemed disappointed

“Almost? Why?”

“Blake called me outside, I had forgotten about the live show”

And then they heard Blake’s country voice behind them

“Adam, baby! 7AM and you’re already talking about me, I guess we’ll have to talk about it”

“Oh, hi Blake” Adam said

“We were just talking about how you were a cockblocker yesterday” CeeLo said laughing.

“What? What the hell does that mean?” He asked, but none of them answered cause their attention was now on a beautifull blondie entering the room.

“Hi guys!!” She said. She went to hug Blake, and then CeeLo, and Adam’s heart was getting faster and faster as she walked to him.

“Hi” she said. He stood up, akwardly fast, to give her a hug.

A few minutes later the four coaches were called to start shootting the blinds. They sat on their usual chairs and the contestants began to enter.

All went as usual. And like always, Adam couldn’t take his eyes off of Christina.

At the end of the day they said goodbye to eachother and went home to rest for the next day, since now the blind auditions were now filmed in two days.


Christina went home really tired. Spending the whole day in the studio was really tiresome. But it was worth cause she never had so much fun. Also that day she realised that Adam had really changed, every time he looked at her his eyes showed all his love for her. She was now getting more confident to broke up with Matt. She wanted so bad to be with Adam that it wasn’t ever fare to continue with Matt.

For that reason she paralized when she oppened the door and saw Matt in front of her, on one knee, holding a small box.

“Christina… Will you marry me?”

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