Don't Be Afraid

This is a fanfic about Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera. Based on their relationship at The Voice.


3. Chapter 3

The days had dragged extremely slowly for Adam, but anyway, he couldn’t believe that today would probably be the last chance he would have to see Christina until season 5.

By the evening arrived, he got ready and grabbed her gift (that he spent the entire day looking for). He was ready to leave when his phone ringed. It was Behati. He had broke up with her a few days ago, he couldn’t be with her anymore since he couldn’t stop thinking about Christina.


"It’s me" he answered

"Hey, is just, i just found some of your clothes here with me, I was wondering if you can come and pick them…" Adam knew what she was trying to do, she wanted to be alone with him and try to change his mind. But he knew it wouldn’t work.

"Oh… Well I can’t leave right now, but I can send someone to pick them for me"

"No… There’s no need. I’ll go to your place and leave them with you"

"I won’t be here Behati, I have the show"

"Oh yes….that show" she never cared too much about the show. She alway taught it was a side project with no importance.

"Yes… THAT show, is the final episode today. I was leaving when you call me actually."

"Oh…. Well, you can come tomorrow if you want" she clearly wanted to see him.

"Don’t worry, I’ll cal someone to pick them tonight. Now, if you wanna excuse me, i’m getting late. Bye" he didn’t waited for her to answer and hanged up.

He was getting tired of all of that, it had been days ago since he broke up and she didn’t stop calling him yet.

He wasn’t in the mood for driving, so he called a cab and in a few minutes he was on the studio.

Christina hadn’t arrived yet, so he headed to his trailer to check on her gift… But he didn’t found it.

"Oh no… No, no… I can’t believe…. No, that’s not possible" he said to himself while pacing his pockets. And then he remembered: he left it on the table when Behati called.

He couldn’t believe he’d forgotten the gift he spent all day looking for. He heard her voice outside his trailer, so he went outside. She was gorgeous, as always. He continued to walk in her direction, still don’t knowing what to say to her. But he missed her, so he just got there and hugged her.

"Happy birthday!"

"Thank you" she said. And for the way she leaned her head against his chest and closed her eyes, she had missed him too.

The show started and it was really great. The performances were incredible and emotional. Though Adam couldn’t keep his eyes off of Christina. He couldn’t believe that it had already ended, that he wouldn’t be able to see her face twice a week like it always had been. And it got even harder for both when they had to sing together.

When the show ended they walked together the red carpet, answering questions and laughing a lot. The party started and they separated for a while. He had so much fun at the party that he almost forgot that it would be the last. But all came back…

By the end of the night the four coaches were sitting together, talking and laughing.

"Hahaha… CeeLo, remember when you let out that big fart and all three of us got out from our chairs, and we had to take a break?." said Christina.

CeeLo laughed. “Oh that was fun man” he said, still laughing.

"Fun? For you man" said blake

"Well. At least he doesn’t keep pointing at himself like an idiot" said Adam

"Hahaha, that’s true" said Christina laughing as Adam imitated him. All four coaches laughed.

"Yeah, we definitely had some fun" said CeeLo.

"Yeah, I’m gonna miss it" said Christina

"Me too" said Blake

"Me too" said Adam looking straight at Christina. She returned the look.

And they stayed like this for a while: Adam and Christina looking at each other and CeeLo and Blake looking from Adam to Christina.

Until CeeLo break the silence cleaning his throat.

“Uhumm… Well, it’s getting late… I’d better be going” he said

"Yep, me too, Miranda might be getting worried" Blake said standing up.

"Oh, I’m leaving as well, just have to call the taxi"Adam said

"What? You’re not driving?" Christina asked.

“No… I wasn’t in the mood for driving tonight” he said, already picking up his phone.

" I can take you to your place if you want" she said.


"Yeah, it’s not far from my home"

"Oh, actually that would be great cause I would have the chance to give you the gift I bought to you…. I, by accident, forgot it at my home" he said.

She laughed

"Ok… So let’s get going"

They said good bye to CeeLo and Blake and headed to Christina’s car where her driver took them quickly to Adam’s place.

"Hey, could you come in for a second so I can give you your gift?"he asked


She told her driver to wait a second and went inside his house.

"Just hold on" he said while closing the door behind them.

He went inside and a few seconds later he returned with a small red squared box in his hands. He got closer to her and opened the box.

"Happy birthday". It was a silver necklace with a small lotus on it. So beautiful. Christina got speechless. Her blue eyes already full of tears.

"Adam…it’s beautiful" She said. But she knew it was wrong, even Matt has never gave her something so special like that before "But I can’t…"

"No" he said softly, and touched her faced "It’s yours"

He took the necklace, went behind her and put it on her neck. His fingers ran down her skin and caused her shivers.

"I’ve always wanted to give you something like this" he said and she turned to face him."But it would be too obvious" he moved a wisp of hair from her face "But… Now that you know…" He smiled slightly, and so did she.

"Thank you" she said.

They didn’t said anything for a while. However they couldn’t stop looking at each other. Adam placed his hand on the back of her head and slowly pulled her closer to him. He could feel her fast beating, as fast as his. He pulled her closer and closer until the lips finally touched. It was a long but soft kiss.

They reluctantly got apart.

"Adam…" She started saying shaking her head.

"I broke up with Behati" he suddenly said.

She looked up at him, surprised.

"You what?… No, you… You shouldn’t… Why you did that?" She asked. But she already knew the answer.

"Guess you already know that" he said

"Adam, I told you…"

"I love you Christina… I broke up with her cause I couldn’t stop thinking about you… I’m freaking out… When I’m with you all I can think is been with you, holding you, kissing you… And when I’m not with you I just can’t concentrate in anything else, most of times I look like a dumb actually… I just wanted to…Ugh I miss you… So much. I can’t even-" But suddenly she kissed him.

This time it was a deeper kiss. He ran his hands over her waist and hair as she scratched his back, under his shirt.

He grabbed her on his arms and slowly took her to his bedroom…

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