Don't Be Afraid

This is a fanfic about Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera. Based on their relationship at The Voice.


2. Chapter 2

The next day Christina was the last to arrive the studio. She tried to force a smile when she met Cee Lo and Blake but when she saw Adam all came back on her mind, he looked tired, however he smiled slightly when he saw her, and she thanked that he was not angry with her.

“Hi” she said

“Hi” they stared at each other’s eyes for a moment. Christina thinking about the last night, every touch that they shared, that kiss, every word that was said, everything was still on her mind, untouched.

“News from your phone?” she took a while to remember what’s with her phone.

“Oh, yes” she laughed “In the end it was with my driver, he came back here after he left the restaurant and someone handed it to him”

He laughed too “Cool”

“Five minutes” someone yelled and they started walking to their seats.

The show started and a few minutes later Maroon 5 took the stage and Adam started to sing Beautiful Goodbye.

“I count the ways I let you down

All my fingers and toes but i’m running out

Clever words can’t help me now

I grip you tight but you’re slipping out”

He looked at Christina while singing and she felt her eyes fill with tears again.

“And I remember your eyes were so bright

When I first met you so in love that night

And now I’m kissing your tears, good night

And I can’t take it your even perfect when you cry

Beautiful goodbye,Is dripping from your eyes

Your beautiful goodbye,oh,Is dripping from you eyes”

They tried to look away from each other a little but it was hard, for both.

“All the pain you try to hide

Shows trough your mascara lines

As they steam down from your eyes

Let them go let them fly

Holding back won’t turn back time

Believe me I’ve tried.”

He looked right into her eyes with sadness in the face. Christina couldn’t help anymore and whipped a tear before it dropped.

Cee Lo and and Blake were looking from Adam to Christina.

“Hey, are are you seeing this, man?” He said to Blake pointing at them, smiling.

“Of course I’m seeing it” Blake said and turned to Christina

“Are you okay?” He asked

“What… Yes, of course” she said forcing a smile.

By the time the music ended Carson took the stage again.

“Give it up for your coach Adam Levine and Maroon 5, seems like our coaches are a little emotional today”

Cee Lo looked at Blake and both smiled.

The rest of the show occurred normally. Christina and Adam avoiding each other’s eyes.

When the show ended Adam was looking for Christina to say goodbye when he saw her talking with Matt. They were fighting and he heard something about the song.

“he was looking at you, I saw” he said

“He wasn’t… I don’t know why i’m explaining it to you, you were not even there how can you be so sure?”

“Oh, c’mon, don’t lie to me, you two are always so close, how could i be so stupid”

“Matt please, you’re overreacting”


“Gosh, please go away, we talk later” she said walking to her trailer.

Matt looked really angry facing Adam when he left.

As soon as he left, Adam knocked on Christina’s trailer.

She opened the door, her eyes were full of tears

“Are you alright?”

“I…yes” she said not looking at him

“Hey, I’m sorry if I caused any problem between you and Matt”

“No…It was not you fault… It’s ok, i’ll talk to him later”


They looked at each other, both wanting to say the same things.

“It was a beautiful song” she said

“Thanks…I thought it would fit with the situation, you know”

“Yeah, it fitted” she said.

A few seconds passed while Adam analyzed her expression.

“Are you angry with me?” He asked

“What? No, I’m no angry with you.” She said getting closer to him. “I thought Ywould be mad at me”

“I can’t get mad at you, never” He smiled and grabbed her hand. They entwined their fingers.

“Humhum… Excuse me” they suddenly split up. Cee Lo was standing at the door with a smirk on his face. “Christina, Mark is looking for you” he said

“Oh… I…I’ll talk to him, thank you Cee”

She looked at Adam once more and left. But Cee Lo remained there looking at Adam

“Hey, what’s going on between you two man?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Oh, you know what I’m talking about, I know something is happening, just tell me what it is”

Adam smiled sadly “There’s nothing going on”

“Oh, I see, so that is the problem”

“I have to go” He punched his arm and left.

He left the studio without saying goodbye to anyone. He was tired, needed to sleep. But he was hoping that his thoughts would finally let him sleep this night.

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