Don't Be Afraid

This is a fanfic about Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera. Based on their relationship at The Voice.


1. Chapter 1

It was almost 11 pm and the four coaches were still on the studio talking about the performances of the night and the entire schedule for the season finale of The Voice. In the room were Adam, Christina, Blake, Cee Lo, Carson and Mark. They were there since the end of the show.

“It seems a little bit quiet here, doesn’t it?” Adam said

Christina then looked at her watch. “Of course it is. Is already 11 pm, we’re here for almost two hours now”

“And we haven’t even dinner yet” Blake said

“Man, you can’t stop thinking about food?” Adam joked.

“What? I’m hungry.”

“He’s right, is better that we finish this in a restaurant or something” said Mark, closing his laptop.

“Well, I know a good restaurant near here, we can have dinner there” Cee Lo suggested.

“For me it’s ok” Christina said.

“Let’s go then” Adam said.

So they left the studio and went to the restaurant. They spent another hour eating and talking.

“Christina, you asked me to resent to you the e-mail with the schedule of tomorrow’s show, I mean today’s night show. I just sent, did you receive?” Mark asked

“Let me check” She grabbed her bag and start searching for her phone. She looked in her bag, in the pockets of her coat and jeans but she didn’t found it.

“Damn it!!” she said

“What?” it caught Cee Lo’s attention.

“Guess I forgot my phone at the studio… Do you think that would still have someone there at this time?” she asked to Mark.

“Well, as I know they close the set at midnight, I don’t know if someone remains there through the night” he said.

“I need my phone, I have a lot of things to do tomorrow and my whole schedule is in there. Is better I hurry if I want to find anyone there” she said grabbing her bag and standing up. “Bye guys!” she gave a brief nod in their direction and left.

Adam saw her leaving in that way and got worried. “Hey! Where is she going, what happened?” he asked.

“She forgot her cell at the studio” Cee Lo answered.

“Did she call her driver?” Adam asked

“I don’t know, I think she is going to call a taxi” he said.

Christina was trying to call a taxi when she heard Adam’s voice

“Hey Chris! Wait!” Adam came running from the restaurant.

“Adam! Sorry I had to leave that way, I’m a little hurried” she said

“I know. I can take you to the studio if you want”

“No it’s okay I’m getting a taxi”

“Oh c’mon! I assure you that I’m much faster than any cab.” He said smirking.

She laughed, she knew that but she was trying to avoid getting too close to him since she realized that her feelings for him were stronger than friendship, much stronger.

“I bet you are” she said laughing “But really, you can go back and finish your dinner, it’s all right.”

“I’ve already finished” he said touching her arm. “Let me help you”

She stared at his eyes for a moment. She knew that he was just trying to help, maybe she could take the offer since that clearly she wouldn’t found a cab that late on night.

“Well… Are you sure it’s okay? I don’t want to bother you.”

“Nah, it’s okay. C’mon, we’ll be there in five minutes” He smiled and went to the parking lot grabbing her hand.

She let he lead her but once they were walking side by side she discreetly pulled out her hand from his, pretending to look for something in her bag. She was already feeling the butterflies in her stomach. And it doesn’t got better when he opened the car’s door for her.

Adam drove fast and really took about five minutes for they to arrive the studio. He entered the parking lot and stopped the car near the backstage door.

“Look! There’s a man at the door, is a security guard!” Christina said

“I think he’s closing it” Adam said

She immediately got out the car and ran to the man, who had already closed the door and was heading to his vehicle.

“Hey! Wait, please” she yelled. The man turned to her surprised. “I’m sorry but… Could you open the door for me, I forgot something in there and I have to get back.”

At this time Adam reached them. The man looked at them suspiciously

“Oh… I… S-sure… But it’ll be quickly, right?” the man said

“Actually I don’t know, I don’t remember where I left it” she said

“Well… In this case…. uhmm…I’m afraid I can’t stay but… I have two keys, you can take one of them if you want, and tomorrow you give me back, just lock it up before you leave.” The man seemed hurried and was constantly looking at the sky.

“Oh… Okay then” she said.

The man removed one of the keys and gave to her. “I’m really sorry… Is because there is a storm coming and I have to pick my son, my ex-wife will kill me if a get late… I’m sorry”

As the man said that they looked at the sky, it was dark grey and a few thunders could be heard from not too far.

“No it’s okay… Thanks for the key” Christina said as the man was already heading to his car again.

Adam looked at the sky again “Yeah, he’s right, there’s a storm coming” he said

Christina looked at the sky once more and then turned to him. “Thanks Adam, for bringing me here, you can go now if you want, it’s okay”

“No, I’ll stay and help you to find your phone. Besides I don’t want you to take a taxi or anything by your own this late and with this storm…”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to hold you back”

“You’re not holding me back. Trust me” he said with a little smirk on the face.

She laughed “Okay then, let’s in” she said and started to open the door

“I never entered in an empty studio. Must be fun” he said over her shoulder. The closeness made her shiver and brought back the butterflies. She opened the door. The place was quiet and completely dark.

“It isn’t fun… I can’t see anything, and it’s cold.” she said, groping the wall. “Now where is the switch?”

“Here” Adam said turning on the lights.

She dropped her bag in one of the couches and looked around. “Okay, now we have to find my phone”

“Do you remember the last time you saw it?” He asked

“I… I used it when we were talking with Mark, but before we leaved I went to my trailer to grab my bag.”

“Okay, so why we don’t split up? I search on the meeting room and you search on your trailer.” He suggested

“Okay, it’s a good idea” She said. It would be good not being too close to him

They split up and both started searching for Christina’s phone. Outside the rain was already falling and the lightings were becoming closer and closer.

She searched all over her room but didn’t found anything, so she decided to look on the room they usually stay on intervals. She was about to remove the pillows from the couch when she heard a loud noise. The lights went out

“Damn… What was that?” She said completely scared “ADAM!!” she yelled

“CHRISTINA? WAIT, I’M COMING!!!” Adam yelled from not too far

A few seconds later she saw a little source of light coming from dark. It was Adam holding his phone. He reached her and touched her arm. “Are you okay” he asked

“Yeah… I’m just a little afraid of the dark”

“I know” he said smiling

They were really close and his hand was still on her arm. None of them said anything for a while but were still looking at each other. It was Christina who broke the silence.

“Isn’t supposed to exist emergency lights in this place?”

Adam took a while to answer “I… Yes… I guess. They must be turned off, I need to find that switches again”

He went to where the switches were, followed by Christina. He opened the metal box and turned the emergency light’s switch on. The lights were dim and red but illuminated the room very well.

“Thanks” She said

“No problem” he said looking at her again. “Hey, did you found your phone?”


“Did you searched here?” he asked referring to that room

“Not really. I was about to look on the couches when the lights went out.”

“Let’s keep searching then” he said heading to the couch

They started to search again. They looked on the couches, on the trailers all over the place, but they didn’t found the phone. It was 01:00 am and the storm outside was getting more and more violent.

“Adam, I think is better we let it go. Is too late, we don’t even know if someone found it, is better we leave.” she said as they seated on one of the couches.

“Yeah maybe someone had saved it. But do you really want to leave in this rain? I don’t think we’ll be able to pass through the streets with this storm.”

“Oh… Really? But what we are gonna to do. We can’t stay here for the rest of the night.”

“I see no problem. This couches are pretty comfortable for me” he said laying on the couch with his head on her leap.

They both laughed. They stayed in that way for a moment, in silence. She started to think on that situation, they were quite close and it felted right, but she knew she couldn’t. She turned her head to Adam and found him looking at her. She smiled and started to caress his hair.

“I’m sorry I involved you in all of this, you didn’t need to be here”

“And for what reason do you think I’m not having fun here?” he joked

She laughed as he stood up and sit on the couch

“No, really. You were just trying to help me and now you’re stuck here with me, I’m sorry” she said

He gave her a half smile and took her hand.

“Listen…I’m happy that I came here with you. If you’d come here alone…with that storm outside… I would be worrying about you all night. I…I couldn’t let you come here alone.”

They stared at each other for a while. She could see something different in Adam’s eyes. Something she had naver seen before.

He raised his other hand and touched her face. “You know I care about you, don’t you?”

The touch made her shiver again “I know” she said, almost like a whisper.

Both were breathing hard. They were getting closer and closer until Adam finally put his lips on hers, she responded. It was a very soft kiss. He released her hand and took her by the waist as she ran her fingers through his hair.

But after a while the kiss began to get more intense and something clicked on Christina’s mind. Then she broke the kiss and staved him off gently.

“We better stop here…” She said “Before it’s too late”

He sighed and half smiled “It’s already too late” he said and for a moment Christina though he knew about her feelings for him.

“Wh-… What do you mean?” She said

He leaned on the arm top of the couch looking at her and took a deep breath. “I… I’ve already fell in love with you.”

Christina gets paralyzed as he said that, she didn’t expect him to feel the same. It was already too hard being away from him without knowing it. It was getting harder and harder.

“You… You what?” she asked

Adam got a little closer to her and touched her hand again “Christina…I-”

“No…” she knew what he was about to say and she didn’t want to hear. “No… You…You can’t” she said, pulling her hand from his, her mouth moving faster than her brain. “We can’t f-fall in love for each other… It’s… It’s…wrong”

“Why?” he asked

“Cause… We have our lives, I mean, I have Matt and… you have Behati”

“Christina, relationships can change, we can do this, we can…”

“No…Adam…It can be easy for you but it isn’t for me. I have Max, he doesn’t understand, and he’s already created a bond with Matt…It’s complicated.” She said.

Adam got a little closer to her. “Max likes me, he will understand”

“Maybe… But it will take long. What if we don’t…? What if this doesn’t work? I mean, Matt is a good guy, I don’t want to do this with him.”

“You think we wouldn’t work?” He asked.

“I don’t know, I mean, we never got along for a long time, this never worked for us. And you never had a very long relationship, so…”

He smiled slightly “Guess you didn’t understand” he said. He got really close to her and touched her face again. “Chris…” he was looking deep into her eyes. “I’m not just in love with you…I-” at that moment she touched his mouth, she didn’t want to hear it, but he pushed it gently with his hand. “Please, let me say it… I have to say it”

Her eyes were full of tears, and so was his. He touched her face again and took a deep breath, still looking at her.

“I love you”

As he said that, she closed her eyes and a single tear slipped through her cheek.

“I’ve been feeling this way since… Since we met actually. It just grew, and keeps growing” he smiled.

“If you at least had told me earlier” she said

“I know…” he said wiping the tear with his thumb. “ I know, but… We can do it, we can work, I know we can.” He looked almost desperate.

“NO…No we can’t. Adam I told you, I don’t want to do this with Matt, he’s good for me and for Max, and… I do love him.” She said, without much conviction.

“You…” he looked disappointed “What about me… Do you..?” he asked

She wished she could tell him that she loved him and that she was ready to leave all behind and just be with him. But she wasn’t so brave.

“I… I can’t… I can’t say it.”

“Because you don’t want… Or because you don’t feel it?” he said

Now was she who whipped a tear from his eyes “Because it wouldn’t change nothing” she said, touching his face

“Of course it would…” he said but his voice was gone, he was desperate.

“Adam please…try to understand”

He remained in silence for a while and downed his head. “I…I understand you…It’s just…” he looked at her and grabbed her hand. “It kills me… see you every day…talking to you pretending that I don’t feel anything…Wanting to hold you and kiss you… I’m tired of pretending Christina”

Their eyes were full of tears again.

“You don’t have to pretend…You just… I want you to move on, you don’t have to hold yourself on this” she said “you better keep up with Behati…Maybe…Maybe take another step with her…” her voice failed as she said that last words. It was killing her too.

He smiled sadly. “I can’t…” then he looked at her “I changed Christina…you changed me…I don’t want to be with anyone else…anyone but you”

She hugged him while a few more tears dropped from her eyes “I’m sorry” she said “I wish I could be brave enough to tell you… Brave enough to be with you… I’m sorry.” She said

“It’s all right” he said still hugging her. But she knew, by his voice, that it wasn’t all right.

They remained holding each other for a long period of time. Christina was almost falling asleep when she heard Adams voice.

“Hey… Seems like the rain has stopped”

They got face to face. Both thinking that there were so many things to say, things that maybe they never would have another chance to say. But none of them said anything.

Then Adam stood up and offered a hand to Christina.

“C’mon, I’ll take you home”

She didn’t say anything. She just smiled and took his hand. And they left the studio.

All the way to Christina’s home they remained in silence. When they arrived she turned to him and touched his face.

“You’ll be okay?”

“Yes” he said smiling.

She kissed his cheek. “See you tomorrow”


Then she got out of the car and entered the house. She went upstairs, checked on Max, took a shower and went to bed.

But she couldn’t sleep at all, cause the tears didn’t stop falling from her eyes.

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